2017 Awards: The Best Gadgets, Apps and Trends of The Year

It’s that time of year again, time for a roundup of the best gadgets, apps, and trends of 2017. Better yet, we’ve sifted through this year’s trends to find those explicitly focused on health and wellness. Why? While there is always room for new technology trends, we strive only to suggest those that truly benefit you from the inside out.

Obviously, the newest gaming console is a great entertainment package, but does it elevate your mind, body, and soul? Probably not. Therefore, as we prepare to step into 2018, let’s start off on the right foot by reviewing the best gadgets, mobile apps, and pop culture trends focused on health and wellness.

Best Gadgets 2017

Apple Watch 3

According to the reviews, the newest iteration of Apple Watch technology is the best yet. It features improved processing, better fitness tracking, and less reliance on the paired cell phone. Start the next year with fitness in mind by strapping the best fitness technology right to your wrist.

Airmega Air Purifier

This smart device, connected to your phone, breathes in the bad air and exhales the good. It covers up to 1300sq. ft. Plus, Airmega Purifier continuously monitors air quality and sends instant messages wirelessly to the homeowner. It offers 3 settings:

Auto: Airmega’s Smart Mode automatically adjusts the air filtration speed according to the room’s current air quality.

Eco: When the air quality remains good for 10 minutes or more, Airmega conserves energy by shutting down the fan. If the sensor detects pollution in the air, the fan will restart automatically.

Sleep: When set on Smart Mode, Airmega’s light sensor detects when it’s dark and the air purifier automatically reduces its fan speed so it runs much quieter.

ZeroWater Purifier

If the air is clean in your house, why not step up your game with a fabulous new water filter? According to the company website, this water filter can remove virtually all dissolved solids better than its competitors. Make water from wine, literally! Honor your body with clean air and pure filtered water this coming year with this ZeroWater purifier.

Oura Ring

Technology has allowed for sleep tracking for a few years now, but Oura Ring is definitely a winner. This smart tracker is the most advanced wearable that helps you get more restorative sleep. It’s quite fascinating to see how your daily activities affect your sleep (food, drinks, exercise…) You really learn what’s helping your body and what’s not. It analyses the sleep data instantly, helping you improve sleep quality from the very first night.

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Best Apps 2017: App for guided meditation

Best Apps of 2017

Meditation Studio

If you followed the trends from 2016, meditation continued into 2017. In our increasingly busy world, we all need a little quiet headspace. Meditation Studio is only the newest app on the market offering guided meditation for active individuals on the go.


It’s harder than ever before to sort through the garbage at the supermarket to find the truly healthy foods. Use Edo as your personal health coach while you shop. It helps you analyze each product for nutritional content, in portion sizes you actually would eat, and sends out alarms for any potential dietary problems. It’s a perfect way to take the stress out of healthy shopping.


Ever find it difficult to manage your fitness schedule on the go? RiseToday lets you book any fitness class, anytime, through a one-stop shop. Plus, through its extensive network of business connections, the company often provides discounts and special offers. RiseToday finds exercise studios near you that work perfectly with your schedule. You won’t be able to find a valid excuse for missing out on exercise ever again.


Long used by dedicated runners and cyclists, Strava is now popular with amateurs aiming to improve their fitness game. Connect with millions of other users to share data on trail systems and workout advice. Plus, the best part of the program is the way you can track your progress and statistics against others. Talk about inspiration through a bit of friendly competition!

Best Pop Culture Trends of 2017

Top Pop Culture Trends 2017: Cannabis Culture

Cannabis Culture

While the popularity of cannabis has been building for a few years now, it crested and entered mainstream public consciousness in 2017. Medical marijuana and many of its known compounds are showing themselves to be remarkably beneficial for common health issues.

Unlike cannabis strains that trigger a ‘high,’ cannabidiol (CBD) has demonstrated promise for soothing anxiety, reducing inflammation, targeting cancerous tumors, and relieving side effects of chemotherapy.

Intermittent Fasting

Silicon Valley executives and social media influencers are touting the benefits of intermittent fasting. Some people participate a few times a month, but the more dedicated followers cease eating a few times a week. Usually, the fast is only for less than twenty-four hours. Fasting has shown benefits for weight loss, energy boosts, and overall well-being. It’s also known to improve insulin sensitivity, increase hormone levels, and improve the longevity of gene expression.


Nootropics, also known as smart drugs, are an explosive pop culture health trend from 2017. One could argue that nootropics are replacing the superfood trends of years past. Nootropics aim to improve cognitive function through various channels such as memory improvement, stress protection, and improvement of overall brain efficiency. Importantly, one main characteristic is they are virtually non-toxic and have no serious side effects. OptiMind® is great nootropic to start with. It was scientifically designed to enhance focus, energy & attention while simultaneously replenishing what your brain needs to perform at peak cognitive capacity. 40% of the formula is geared around short-term results while 60% provides long-term benefits like improved cognitive function and mental Performance.

Medicinal Mushrooms

Related to the nootropics movement, medicinal mushrooms suddenly are popping up everywhere. Lionsmane, reishi, and chaga are now household names. New products containing medicinal mushrooms are all the rage and with good reason.

They are adaptogenic in nature, some have nootropic effect, but number one reason why you want to add these medicinal mushrooms to your diet is that they are immune-boosting superfoods. A wealth of health-optimizing, longevity-promoting compounds are naturally present within these powerful mushrooms. 

The Zero Waste Movement

While nobody was paying attention, our oceans became clogged with plastics. Propelled by this terrifying crisis, the zero waste movement formed. A loud social media movement has taken shape, touting the need to get rid of disposable cutlery, straws, and plastic bags. Once you start realizing the sheer number of disposable products that accumulate on an everyday basis, it’s easy to get in on the movement as well.

Going into 2018, we expect the trends of the past year to continue. Although tons of useless new tech gadgets are on the market these days, there are quite a few with positive benefits for personal growth for the mind body and soul.




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