15 Ways To Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Wellness

15 Ways to Wellness

Aspiring toward wellness is a lofty goal, but an important one. It’s easy to get off track and to be distracted from the more mundane aspects of the daily grind. But striving for wellness in mind, body, and soul isn’t about reaching a final goal post. There is no finish line.

Cultivating wellness is a long-term journey, perhaps with no end. There are always developments to make, and unlimited ways to make them. An essential element of cultivating wellness is perseverance. Maybe you forgot to get in your five minutes of meditation today, or you didn’t have a chance to go for a run, but that’s OK. To help you work towards your goals of overall self-improvement, we’ve combed through an impressive stack of wellness tips from around the web. Keep in mind, there are many ways toward wellness, and these are just some of our favorites.

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5 Emotional Wellness Tips

1. Develop Coping Mechanisms for Stress

77 percent of Americans experience physical symptoms of stress, it’s pervasive and if left unchecked may lead to serious health issues. Understanding your trigger points and having a few coping mechanisms in your back pocket can help. Some people go for a run; some take time out for themselves; others go for massage therapy. Finding unique and healthy coping mechanisms is crucial.

2. Self-Care

Emotional Wellness Tips: Self Care

It’s also important to treat yourself every once in a while, especially during stressful periods. Go ahead, take a night off and spend it with yourself. This practice might mean taking yourself out to your favorite restaurant, getting creative in whatever way you can, or taking a hot bath. What does your perfect night look like?

3. Surround Yourself with Love

A critical step towards positivity is removing negativity. We all have a few members of our inner circle who occasionally have a toxic mindset. Sometimes, giving yourself distance from these people is the best move you can make for emotional wellness.

4. Eat Foods for Emotional Health

The Gut-Brain connection is a new understanding of emotional well-being, but an important one to consider. Scientists have discovered that what you feed your body has a direct impact on mood, stress, and anxiety. Eat healthier to give your emotional well-being an added boost.

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5. Develop Emotional Intelligence

There are many types of intelligence, and emotional intelligence is just one. As with other types, it is enhanced through practice. In fact, most people develop their emotional skill-set over time. Emotional intelligence is a multi-step process of understanding your own emotions as they occur and also understanding the emotions of others. It’s about increasing emotional awareness to better manage your reactions and responses.

5 Spiritual Wellness Tips

1. Develop a Meditation Practice

Although some people have a hard time sitting still, meditation doesn’t need to be difficult. There are many potential ways to practice. There are even dozens of mobile platforms available providing helpful tips and also guided meditations lasting as short as 5 minutes.

2. Join a Like-Minded Community

Even for those who are not religious, there are ways to foster spiritual health beyond attending church, temple or mosque. For example, many people have found a spiritual connection to their yoga practice, others through long-distance running. Engaging in healthy activities with an active community is an excellent way to foster spiritual growth.

3. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is simple to practice but very difficult to master. But, practice does make it easier over time. Mindfulness is about bringing your awareness back to your senses (what you hear, see, feel, and smell), and your emotions (what you are feeling, where and how you feel it). Mindfulness is scientifically proven to improve cognition, fight mental illness, and improve overall focus.

4. Travel

Spiritual Wellness Tips: Travel

Travel might seem like a funny tip to include for spiritual wellness, but exploring the world around you helps to stimulate your mind, body, and spirit. There are many positive benefits to traveling. Expanding your experiences and connecting with others is what spiritually-minded travel is all about.

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5. Find Your Purpose

This is by no means an easy task, and it might even take you a lifetime to figure it out. But looking for deeper meaning in the activities, experiences, and people who fill your life experience is an important part of spiritual development. Although there are many altruistic options out there, your purpose can be simple: being a parent, being a teacher, being creative. These are all perfect examples of developing a powerful, purposeful life.

5 Physical Wellness Tips

1. Take the Stairs More

Avoiding the elevator is one drop in the bucket towards physical wellness, and this idea is easy to expand on. Bike or walk to work if possible. Park in a central location and walk to accomplish all your errands. Take your dog for one extra loop, no matter how short. It’s all about taking incremental steps to becoming more active.

Physical Wellness Tips: Take the Stairs

2. Try a Detox

Maybe you want to shed a few pounds, detoxify your liver, or try a candida cleanse (wait, what is a candida cleanse?). There are some good reasons to incorporate a seasonal cleanse into your wellness routine. A detox is a great way to rest your digestive tract, and help to eliminate dangerous toxins from your body.

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3. Control Meal Size

Eating until you feel uncomfortable is unhealthy, but easy enough to do because today’s portion sizes are out of control. Practicing mindful eating and reducing portion sizes is a great place to start managing your weight.

4. Eat Less Meat

Red meats, like beef and pork, are considered to be directly linked to increased risk of heart disease and cancers, according to the World Health Organization. Eating less meat isn’t as hard as it looks, try a “Meatless Monday” to get started.

5. Reduce Alcohol Consumption

In today’s society, there are many reasons people feel the need to have a drink. But excessive consumption is linked to many health issues, including liver disease, heart disease, obesity, and cancer. Have you ever considered how many drinks you have in a month? Challenge yourself to choose non-alcoholic beverages instead of boozy ones.

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Cultivating wellness is a series of never-ending challenges. It’s not about getting to the end; it’s about continual improvement. The essential point to keep in mind on your journey is to maintain a positive attitude and not feel guilty if you slip up. Learn from the entire experience, and always look forward.







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