5 Design Tricks On How To Make Small Bedrooms Look Spacious

small bedroom

Either because of financial problems or by personal choice, many Americans have downsized or are in the process of downsizing their house.

As Americans, we are feeling the effects of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. As a result, many of us joined the tiny house movement. Many U.S. families sold their homes with an average land area of around 2,600 square feet and moved to smaller ones having only between 100 and 400 square feet. Aside from economic reasons, many Americans have decided to move into smaller home spaces because of aging, a desire for greener surroundings and the growing trend of de-cluttering and minimalism.

Make small rooms look big

Shifting to tiny houses means less spacious bedrooms. You might feel claustrophobic or short of breath because of the constricted space. You now are squeezing yourself in a limited space instead of a huge sleeping nest. But with a few straightforward and practical design changes in your room, you can create extra space or at least the illusion of it.

Save some space – Bring in shelves, drawers or containers to store your things. You also can buy a desk or stand with plenty of drawers or a seat with storage. You also can ask a carpenter to redesign your bed by adding under-bed storage.

Place plenty of mirrors – Mirrors create depth and doubles that create the illusion of space. They act as additional windows that bring additional lighting inside the room.

Light up your room – Flooding your room with light can make it look spacious. Bathe your room with sunlight during daytime. At night, using soft lighting that emanates from various directions can blur the edges of your room, making it appear larger than before. You also can soften your overhead light by using a lower wattage bulb and a frosted shade for a cozier ambiance.

Paint your room with cool colors – Color choice can affect how we see our bedroom. Paint it with white or a lighter shade of cool colors, such as blue or green, which can add the illusion of visual space. You also can use stripes on the walls.

Draw the eye upward – Emphasizing the height of your room can make its space look larger. This visual trick can be done by hanging a chandelier in the middle or using a bed with four posts.

Just like magicians and illusionists tell you, your eyes can be fooled. A well-designed tiny room can make be made to seem larger than it is.


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