13 Rules Of Health I Live By

I realized that health and fitness are far more than just the things we “do”.  There are certain principles, mandates, even rules that exceptionally healthy people live by that allow them to experience the vitality that we aspire towards having.

We all have rules that we live by.  Some can sabotage us and cause us great hardships, while others can empower us to become the greatest version of ourselves.

I took some time in deep analysis to give you a glimpse into some of my personal rules for health and happiness.  Hopefully it will bring you lots of value, and help you to uncover your own rules for a long, healthy life.

Here are the 13 Rules that I live by:

1. I begin each day by taking an “inner bath” by drinking 1 liter of fresh, clean water.

2. I exercise my body with intelligence and efficiency each day. Be it lifting weights, yoga, stretching, etc. Each day I put passion and intention into my training and allow my body to gracefully regenerate. This allows me to continuously be a greater version of myself.

3. I focus on maximizing my health and well-being first, so that I am better able to give guidance and assistance to everyone else. I can’t show up being less-than-my-best and expect to make the greatest impact in other people’s lives.

4. I embrace being a lifetime student and learn something new about health and fitness every single day.

5. I take time to share love and attention with my family each day. There’s nothing that will impact my health and happiness more long-term than the relationships in my life.

6. When I train, it’s business (the pleasure is on the inside). I do not engage in socializing; I am there to focus and achieve my goals. I am not rude, I graciously let others know that I am “on the clock” and have to get it in!

7. I go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday (10 pm to 6 am). I allow my body and mind to get the rest and rejuvenation that it needs to function at it’s highest level. I know that the most valuable hours of sleep for humans are the evening hours before midnight (nature built us that way!) I never deviate from this schedule unless it’s due to an extremely important work or social requirements.

8. I meditate everyday, give thanks, and put forth the expectation of achieving greatness. I understand that the greatest faculty that we have as humans is to utilize our minds to plan, focus, and achieve our goals. Meditation creates a space for me to be clear, present, and focused.

9. I purposefully get as much sunlight and exposure to nature that I can. Nothing is more healing and regenerative than the energy that allows us to have life on this planet.

10. I intentionally avoid conditions that are unhealthy for myself and my family. Environments of smoking, toxic chemicals, and radiation are purposely avoided at all costs.

11. I make sure to prepare (OR prepare to fast) when I know that there will not be healthy food around. I either bring food along that I enjoy or I make the total and complete decision not to eat at that time.

12. I eat whole, real, micronutrient-rich foods. I do not settle and lower my standards to eat foods less than that. I see food for what it is, and if it’s not truly natural and doesn’t meet my standards, then it’s not even food to me. In my mind, it’s literally fake food or poison, and I will not willingly poison myself.

13. I will not forcefully push my ideas of health and nutrition on anyone else. I will be compassionate and helpful to others when they seek me out and ask my advice. I understand that everyone has the freedom to choose and I respect that as I value my own freedom.

So there you have it.  These are 13 of the rules of health that i live by.  Now what are some of yours?  Share them with me below in the comments section.

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