Truth About Whey Protein Powder With Jason And Mira Calton

There’s so much noise in the world of nutrition that it’s very easy to get confused by all the data. Without proper testing and a medical degree it’s hard to navigate to the truth.

This week we are interviewing our good friends, Mira and Jason Calton. They recently released their own In.Power whey protein powder and we wanted to know all the details on why their protein is one of the best, and what dangerous myths are many believing about whey and other types of protein.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Different types of protein and their pros and cons
  • All whey protein powders are not created equal
  • Dangers of taking a low quality whey
  • Most important components in whey one should look for that have most impact
  • Best time to take whey protein
  • Can you have too much?
  • Mira and Jason’s favorite morning smoothie recipe
  • and much more

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