All You Need To Know About GMO – Free Online Mini-Summit

The situation with genetically engineered (GE) food is getting grimmer so the leaders of the food revolution are getting smarter. They know that their own prowess and expertise will only get us so far. If we’re going to make headway against the corporate food giants the general public will need to be informed and set for action.

October 25-27 of this year join with top experts geared up to school you on the GMO facts, the issues, the questions and the way forward.

Whether you’ve been vigilant to keep up on the latest GMO news or if you’ve barely scratched the surface this is a key opportunity to get informed and join forces. Expect to be more than briefed about:

  • Rumors vs. fact; demystifying the cloud of conflicting information
  • The latest studies on the effects of GE crops on human beings
  • Environmental ramifications
  • The detriments of GMOs on pets and wildlife
  • How a veterinarian cured pets by eliminating GE pet foods
  • How to avoid GMOs when buying organic and non-organic
  • Eating out GMO-free
  • How to support GMO labeling initiatives
  • Key points when discussing or debating genetic engineering
  • The economic impact GE agribusiness
  • Seed monopolies and globalization
  • How else to get active and make a difference

The summit features speakers with vital “now” information.

Thierry Vrain, PhD was once paid to convince you and me that GMOs are healthy and safe. Previously the head of biotechnology at Agriculture Canada’s Summerland Research Station, not only does he have intimate knowledge of GE food science but he’s willing to spill the beans about what companies like Monsanto don’t want you to know.

Rachel Parent will give you language and tips on how to accurately respond to biotech industry apologists dead set on defending GMO agribusinesses.

Andrew Kimbrell is a public interest attorney, author, speaker, activist and founder of the Center for Food Safety. He’s been fighting to protect us from chemical-dependent industrial agriculture and bad policy for many years. He’ll uncover secrets about GMO industry and tell you what’s really happening behind the scenes because, as his book title states, it’s Your Right to Know.

Register now to hear these and other live guest speakers on October 25-27 totally free of charge.

For five weeks following our three day summit you can get caught up with the “Second Wave Expert Presentations.” Speakers such as

  • Dr. Mercola, D.O.,
  • Miguel Altieri, PhD, sustainable agriculture expert,
  • Jack Heinemann, PhD, professor of genetics and molecular biology and director of the Centre for Integrated Research in Biosafety at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand,

along with seven others will continue feed you often shocking information about biotechnology, DNA reprogramming, how to reclaim your health (and democracy) and more.

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