The Sacred Science Interview

By Larry and Oksana Ostrovsky.

It’s hot and humid, you’re alone in a small hut in the Amazon. Shamans bring healing herbs to treat your ailments. As day turns to night, you are about to experience healing at a level you never imagined. Your heart races as you are given a medicinal shamanic brew, it takes hold and in an instant you awaken to new possibilities of health, healing, living, dying and spirit.

This is the experience of eight people from all different walks of life, with varying physical and psychological ailments, as they embark on a one-month healing journey into the heart of the Amazon jungle.  Follow their journey in The Sacred Science.

Today we interview the producer of this film, Nick Polizzi, about what inspired him to document this powerful movie. Enjoy and let us know your thoughts.

“The Sacred Science presents a profound overview of the Native American healing systems of the Amazon Basin… In this film you will discover ancient yet immediately relevant healing strategies. An entertaining, educational, and empowering film! Loved it.”

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