These Facts About Bacteria Will Surprise You!


Did you know that 90 percent of our body’s cells are bacterial? Or that the bacteria that cause meningitis live in our body all the time, without troubling us at all? Or even that life as we know it on earth began because bacteria rode into our world on an asteroid?

Ravi Mantha is a health writer and activist. After eighteen years as a professional investor, Ravi realized that life is not just about jet-setting and making boatloads of money (although there is no harm in doing that), it is also about doing something to improve society.

Ravi Mantha has spent several years researching the latest advances in health and the human body. Ravi came to realization that in order to remain in the pinkest health, we need to understand and maintain the human ecosystem which includes looking after our bacteria. Prevent the onset of illnesses, he advises, rather than search for cures to diseases, as Western medicine tends to do. China followed the practice of preventive medicine until a hundred years ago, where doctors were paid if you were healthy, and not paid if you fell sick. In the US, this practice is being re-explored through the concept of ‘concierge care . Until ideas such as these become fashionable, and as long as public health care systems are wanting, we must care for our own health. The first step to this: understanding the bacteria in our body.

Combining the very latest in medical research with prevention and wellness techniques, Ravi wrote his first book on health called “All About Bacteria“. It will shift your focus from pills and products, and move you along on the path to achieving and maintaining excellent health.

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