Vitamins: The Good, Bad and Awesome!

Your multivitamins suck! Yes, I said it. You will understand why after you listen to this short but very important interview.

I bet you know that vitamins are important and you should definitely take them. But do you know which ones to take and which ones to avoid? What are the best vitamins out there?

We discuss these specific points and much more with Dr. Jayson and Mira Calton from CaltonNutrition. They are authors of Naked Calories and “Rich Food, Poor Food” books.

They created Bioavailable multivitamin powder called Nutreince out of a desperate need to reverse Mira’s advanced osteoporosis and give her back her health. Their research into micronutrient competition made them realize that the health benefits of more than 80% of the vitamins and minerals in the typical multivitamin were being negated.

You might be surprised to learn that there are many vitamins and minerals in competition with each other and shouldn’t be mixed. Some vitamins can also enhance the absorption of other nutrients.There are many important factors that will dictate if certain vitamin or mineral will be absorbed and how much. For example, if you are supplementing with Vitamin D, you need to make sure that your levels of Vitamin K, magnesium, zinc and boron are adequate.

Jayson and Mira specifically designed Nutreince to meet the ABCs of Optimal Supplementation Guidelines. Nutreince is manufactured in a U.S., FDA registered facility with over 40 years of experience manufacturing dietary supplements and nutraceuticals, and has been certified to comply with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) requirements. Before Nutreince is made, a rigorous screening of all raw materials is preformed by highly trained quality control personnel and the finished product receives full microbiological testing before being shipped to you. Additionally, they send a beginning, middle, and end sample of each production lot to an offsite lab for independent analysis so that you can rest assured that the ingredients on the label are actually what you and your family are receiving.

Check out the comparison chart below:


By now you can see what a huge advantage Nutreince multivitamin has over an array of popular health products.
We have been using and loving this delicious powder for almost two months now.

We also encourage you to watch the video series at where you’ll learn:

  • The most common limiting factors blocking our body’s ability to properly absorb and utilize the micronutrients we ingest in our multivitamin pills.
  • The amount of each essential micronutrients that would be beneficial for us to take in through supplementation in order to achieve minimum sufficiency.
  • The most overlooked piece of supplementation that prevents 80% of the micronutrients in your multivitamin being reduced or eliminated.
  • How to create micronutrient synergy that can increase the absorption of certain micronutrients by as much as 200 percent!

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