Cut Poison Burn

Cut Poison Burn tells the grim tale of the half century “War on Cancer” and focuses on the story of Thomas Navarro. In 1999, the 4-year old boy was diagnosed with brain cancer and thrust into the system of surgery, chemo and radiation. Even if their son survived the treatment, side effects could include hearing loss, brain damage, cumulative reduction in IQ and other cancers, just to name a few.

Looking at potential dangers, the couple decided to refuse conventional treatment and seek alternatives, but like so many others, they soon realized that under the current medical paradigm, they were not free to seek whatever treatment they thought was a better fit for their child… Yes indeed, the hard fought for freedoms that America’s forefathers sacrificed their life for seem to have gradually eroded to this sad state of affairs.

Their doctor filed charges of child abuse and child neglect against them. Still, they fought for their right to choose; to opt to not have their son suffer needlessly from a treatment that was just as likely to kill their child as the disease itself, while making him suffer terribly in the process. They had discovered Dr. Burzynski’s treatment facility in Texas, but the FDA blocked them from getting his as of yet unapproved treatment…

After 12 years in production and 150 hours of footage, this is probably one of the most important movies you can watch!

The Navarro’s family story is absolutely heartbreaking but a very important one! So make sure to watch and share this movie, you might save someone’s life along the way!

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