Bought: The Hidden Story About Vaccines, Autism, Drugs and Food

If you killed someone for your own profit, you’d probably go to jail.

Unless, that is, you were a drug company…

A few years ago, Johnson & Johnson was caught RED-HANDED selling a drug off-label to young children…

Despite knowing full well that the drug was dangerous for these kids, they falsified documents and sold it anyways.

The drug caused serious side-effects for 1,207 children… and killed at least 31 kids. One little boy had a fatal stroke just 12 days after starting on the drug.

Of course, this is all just the “cost of business.”

Despite pleading guilty (and paying a $2.2bn settlement)… J&J still walked away with a $41bn profit!

Well, I say this needs to stop. NOW.

Free Screening To A Documentary That Exposes The Ugly Truth About Vaccines, Big Pharma & Your Food

Bought movie

What’s all this about?

Well, my good friend, Jeff Hays is an award winning filmmaker who’s been short-listed for an Academy Award. And for the last 12 months, he’s been flying across the U.S. and examining the ugly truth about Big Food and Big Pharma.

He interviewed whistleblowers, former sales agents, doctors, scientists and professors.

And he was stunned by what he discovered.

Now, you may already have a haunting suspicion that something’s up with Big Food, Big Pharma and the Health Industry. After all, you’ve heard of GMOs, lawsuits against drug companies and the like…

But if you’re at all like I was… you’ll be blown away by how deep this rabbit hole really goes.

I was truly SHOCKED!

Jeff exposes it all in his startling new documentary, Bought. Including…

– Are flu shots really safe? See what caused a massive spike in deaths to unborn babies during recent influenza seasons (hint… it wasn’t the flu). And, how drug companies completely BURIED this data.

– Are GMOs causing obesity, diabetes and autism in our children? (The truth that scientist Dr. Nancy Swanson uncovered will surprise you.)

– How a drug company “edited” away proof that their anti-depressant drug made people “suicidal” and “emotionally unstable”… and got the study published in the most respected journal in science!

Before you (or your child) get another pill or shot, you have to watch this film…

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