Oregano Oil: The Rumors Are True

Oregano Oil The Rumors Are True

Got something you want to kick hard and fast? If you haven’t used oregano essential oil yet, you’re in for a potent ride. Oregano is one of nature’s most powerful defenses against threats to your health, and that’s not just hearsay. Studies have shown it to be as effective, and often more so than modern pills and potions.

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That’s A Spicy Meat-a-ball!

First, exercise a little caution. Until you’ve familiarized yourself with this remarkable oil, treat it with respect. It is both potent and spicy. The best way to use it for immune support, and to really kick a bug to the curb, is to take it internally. Please be aware: I only the recommend highest-quality essential oils for any usage, but especially internal.

Once you have a trustworthy brand, take 3-5 drops three times per day until you feel better. This is a higher dose for oregano, and you don’t need it for daily health maintenance. Use it as an aggressive approach for treating a health problem. As soon as you’re feeling better, you don’t need to continue that dosage.


You can ingest oregano essential oil by putting several drops in an empty gel capsule and taking it like a pill. This is the most convenient and comfortable way for many people, provided you don’t mind the capsule. The other great thing about this method is you can add other supportive essential oils, such as frankincense, lemon, and On Guard Protective Blend, without having to taste them.

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Another way to take oregano oil is simply by adding it to water or any beverage, or food. My husband can take oregano oil in a little water and be fine. For me, water does not help it go down, it makes it even more harsh. So, I like to dilute it either in coconut milk (full-fat) or coconut oil. I have some friends who like to put it in a spoonful of honey or maple syrup. Whatever you decide, unless you’re taking it in a capsule, my advice is “start low and increase slowly.” In other words, do it one drop at a time if you think you might have sensitivity. Once you’ve done it once or twice, you’ll get the hang of it!


If worse comes to worse, you’ll get some on your lips and you will have very plump, lively kissers for about two minutes. If this happens, avoid using water to remove it as the H20 only will drive the oil deeper into your skin. To alleviate the sensation more quickly, just apply some coconut or any fat/oil and wipe.

And don’t let this scare you. Oregano has many benefits besides destroying those foreign invaders and you will be so glad you two became friends.

Health Maintenance vs. Fighting a Threat

I have many clients who love this and other essential oils and use them year-round to support every system, tissue, and cell of their bodies. However, even some of my most enthusiastic clients forget there is a difference between using them while in perfect health, or while they or someone they love are fighting something.

In general, while your body needs support to fight off a threat, you will need to take more frequent doses. Think of oregano as the bazooka during that time. Unless your natural health professional says otherwise, you shouldn’t need oregano more than a few times in the day.

However, I recommend using a few drops of other oils, such as Breathe Respiratory Blend (contains eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon, and some others), On Guard Protective Blend (contains clove, cinnamon, rosemary, and other powerhouses), Melaleuca, Frankincense and Wild Orange as much as every hour until the signs of imbalance are gone.

Don’t forget other goodies, such as apple cider vinegar,  elderberry syrup, and lots of healthy warm soup or broth. Try avoiding sugar, and get plenty of both clean water and rest!

If you have some specific questions about oregano essential oil, ask away. Until then, Mama Esse… out.

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