Immune Boosting Tonic

Can you imagine if you had to go to battle every single day of your life? Well, this is exactly what your immune system does. It is constantly exposed to viruses, pathogens, bacteria, environmental toxins, and it has to fight them every minute.

We rarely think about how important our immune system is in our overall health and longevity until something goes wrong. Many illnesses and diseases can easily be avoided with powerful herbal tonics.

I would like to share with you a recipe of this amazing immune boosting tonic.

My wife and I always buy our herbs and mushrooms in China town, that’s why we gave you their Chinese names in past articles about Chinese medicine.

We normally make this tea/tonic in a glass jar and we leave it outside on the sun. That way we don’t destroy any vital nutrients by boiling it and letting nature do it’s magic.


– handful of chizandra berries
– handful of goji berries
– about 1/4 cup of astragalus root
– 1/4 cup of rehmannia
– 2/3 cup of reishi
– 1/4 cup of licorice

You can also add spirit poria as well as cordyseps to your tea.

Put all the herbs, mushrooms and berries in a glass jar (should fill about 1/3 or 1/4 of it), then add spring water and put it on the sun.

You can also use stove but make sure that it doesn’t boil, just simmer it for an hour or two.

It tastes pretty strong and you can dilute it with water. We also use it as a base for our superfood smoothies.


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