I had a wonderful realisation recently when I started to get ‘sick’. I had no obvious outward symptoms, I just felt ‘out of sorts’. I’ve realised this feeling often is a precursor to other symptoms. So I immediately did my BodyTalk Body Chemistry balancing. It’s a special technique that stimulates the immune system.

My temperature went up slightly. I had the telltale flushed cheeks and felt very warm for about two hours. Then I felt much clearer and more at ease.

I got so excited about this because it was the first time I consciously had acknowledged my sensitivity was so important to the outcome. If I had ignored the sensations or not known what they were telling me, I know I would have progressed to the sore throat and runny nose stage. It was timely because I’d just read an article about sensitivity and how to ‘cope’ with it.

How about celebrating it?

In this instance, I believe my sensitivity allowed me to feel something that had just entered my field. When I say ‘field’ I mean the electromagnetic field that surrounds all living beings — where ‘I’ interface with ‘the world around me’. Science now acknowledges that every illness we create in our bodies shows up first as an imbalance or break in our field. Healing also begins electrically, for example a broken bone begins to heal because the magnetic field around the area gives the bone the stimulus or instruction to heal.

You can read more about fields in The Field – The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe by Lynne McTaggart.

We all receive information through our field, but most of it is filtered out of our conscious awareness by the thalamus. A sensitive being probably has less ‘filtering’ going on, so more of this information in the field gets through to them. Sometimes that’s very helpful!

  • You just ‘know’ the right people to do business with, to trust, or befriend. You have great instincts about a person’s integrity.
  • You follow sudden random instincts such as ‘park here’ or ‘go left instead of right’ and end up meeting people who have information you need, or who you can help.
  • You get a feeling you should leave an event. Then you find out trouble happened after you left, but you were out of harm’s way by then.
  • You get sudden inspirations to call people or visit, and they are having a really hard time and did not know how to reach out.
  • You often find yourself saying stuff that you’re not sure ‘where it came from’ but it’s exactly what someone else needed to hear at that time.

All these things are possible because of your sensitivity. It’s a double-edged sword sometimes. Many of us have experienced sensory overload, or we are too easily hurt. I speak from experience, from being lost in sadness and helplessness about the harshness of the world. Thankfully, I realised it’s not part of the gift of sensitivity to have to feel other’s pain all the time. Yes, I occasionally feel very sad about some things, but it is no longer my default setting! So what can you do to survive your sensitivity?

  • Spend lots of time in nature, where everything is in harmony. Soak it up!  Go barefoot as often as possible, or get your feet in salt water for grounding. If you’re taking on a lot, you just have more ‘personal housework’ to do. Dust yourself off often, literally ‘brushing’ down your body with your hands with the intent of cleansing.
  • Get some healing for yourself, don’t just focus on the healing you think everyone else and the world needs. You have belief systems and issues just like everybody else, and you need to get balanced, too.
  • Identify sensitive supportive friends. Spend time sharing, but don’t overdo it either. Make sure  you help each other break through, not just break down.
  • Follow your intuition as much as you possibly and practicably can. You’ll find it gets better and better the more you do!
  • Pay attention to your dreams. Write them down when you wake up, and at the end of the day see how your dreams relate to your day.
  • Remember the left brain likes proof. Keep it happy by learning new science information and it will really get on board instead of arguing against your creative, intuitive right brain. Acknowledge the awesome things that happen when you go with your instincts. They are your personal verification.
  • Create a space for your skills. By that I mean, if you constantly get information about other people, try being a counsellor, or a reader. Maybe learn Reiki so you can do one-on-one sessions. This can help you learn boundaries.
  • Write your insights down. Things that don’t make sense today may make sense another time, or to another person.
  • Try to get comfortable with not understanding. When I do a BodyTalk session, I often have to give someone a message I don’t understand. Why? Because it’s not for me! If I waited until I understood, the person never would get the message! The point is the client understands what the message means, and it’s not up to me to decide what they need to hear.
  • Love your sensitivity! It means you are deeply able to feel joy, celebration, upliftment, peace and have a rich inner life filled with sweet imaginings and visions. It enables you to feel compassion and connection to a level that many people never even touch in a lifetime. You are blessed to have a deep well for a heart, and others can be deeply touched by your presence. LOVE YOURSELF.


With blessings and bliss to all us sensitive souls, I hope you feel inspired and empowered to share your deep self with the world that so needs sweetness such as yours.

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