The Cure for Dementia in your Herb Garden

cure for dementia

Scientific proof now supports rosemary’s long-standing reputation as a remedy for dementia. This post from Your Nation News highlights the scientific studies that proved rosemary’s positive effect on cognitive memory.

Rosemary is a staple in the spice cabinet but did you know this herb can help people with dementia? Since ancient times people have used this aromatic plant to enhance memory, boost moods, and to prevent nightmares. Shakespeare even gave a shout out to this herb in Hamlet with the famous line, “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance.” This timeless symbol of remembrance has long been used during weddings, commemorative ceremonies, and at funerals to ensure that events and people will live on in the memory of others.

Now there’s scientific proof that rosemary really does have a positive effect on cognitive memory. The study of Moss, Cook, Wesnes, and Duckett (2003) validated that sniffing the essential oil of rosemary increased mental clarity. A 2012 study of 75-year-olds found a significant cognitive improvement after they were exposed to doses of dried rosemary powder. Studies at Northumbria University in Newcastle identified a compound in rosemary called 1,8-cineole that enhances recall skills and lifts moods. Further studies by Mark Moss and his team of experts show memory is enhanced by up to 75% after subjects sniffed a diffusion of rosemary oil.

Here’s a quote to clarify the scientific explanation of how the scent of rosemary helps with memory: “Volatile compounds (e.g. terpenes) may enter the blood stream by way of the nasal or lung mucosa. Terpenes are small organic molecules which can easily cross the blood-brain barrier and therefore may have direct effects in the brain by acting on receptor sites or enzyme systems.”

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Source: Scientists Discover Nature’s Remedy For Dementia, Smelling It Increases Memory By 75%

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