Bee Venom and Beauty – What’s All the Buzz About?

bee on flower

Most of us know that bees are an essential, life-giving part of our ecosystem as pollinators. Many do not know what a sacred gift they are to our health and wellness, beyond being the reason we have food to eat. 

Raw, unprocessed honey, particularly Manuka honey, is loaded with nutritional and immune system response-altering elements, such as amino acids, B-complex vitamins, enzymes and minerals. It also has antimicrobial properties. Thus, it can help in the prevention of, and recovery from, a number of health issues.

Some of us are familiar with honey’s health and skin care benefits. However, a very different bee product, and one we fear the most, is being used for health, wellness and beauty. The term “apitherapy” refers to the field of medicine that uses honey bee venom for addressing pain and disease, due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. In the development of another effective, but targeted, skin care product here at Elaa, I became very interested in bee venom. I have used it extensively to treat my own pain and found the experience not only helpful and healing, but also sacred in the way I felt connected with, and in tune with, these amazing beings. Most people cringe just at the words “bee venom,” and associate it with stings and pain. But, in the right context, and for the right use, bee venom is a most valuable and potent enhancement for health and beauty. 

Bee venom is known as an “apitoxin,” which explains why it hurts when you get stung. Bee venom is water-soluble (in fact, it is 88 percent water), so it is easily absorbed into the body, which also is mostly made up of water. The allergen that is most responsible for the “stinging” effect is a substance known as melittin. Melittin is what makes capillaries explode and blood cells pop, so what you’re left with is redness and a whole lot of ouch. However, after bee venom is gathered (a tedious process that you can learn about on YouTube), it can be highly concentrated into a medicinal form of medicinal that works magic if used properly. 

For skin care, the use of bee venom is revolutionary because it is an entirely natural, non-invasive, non-toxic, safe substance that can have magical effects.  Essentially, it is the homeopathic version of Botox, and when used as an ingredient in skin care, the results are amazing. Besides the melittin, bee venom also contains phospholipase A2 and a lesser amount of histamine. And all three allergens together create a powerful substance that, when applied topically, such as via a serum, brightens and tightens the skin. What’s happening is the allergens are “waking up” the cells and capillaries just beneath your skin’s surface. In essence, the bee venom in the serum is fooling the skin into thinking it is being stung. So the body’s autonomic nervous system response is to send blood toward the area.  As the blood rushes to the site of the “simulated inflammation,” naturally-occurring chemicals such as collagen and elastin are released. Ultimately, these chemicals add more smoothness and elasticity to our skin and work in synchronicity with the flush of color and the slight plumping that make our faces defy our age. And who doesn’t want that? Take note that when the Bee Venom Face Cream or Serum is applied (taking your overall skin sensitivity into consideration) you can experience a certain aliveness, youthfulness, and fullness in your face. People will say you glow! From the outside in and the inside out.

bee-venom-serumBe Blessed — Bee Venom Elixir is a blessing of skin renewal and rejuvenation. It revitalizes, creating naturally younger-looking skin. Bee venom works synergistically with peptides, phytoelastin, liposomal, retinol, hyaluronic acid, organic white tea, alpha lipoic acid and organic essential oils to visibly improve skin elasticity, tone and radiance. It also calms the nervous system and reduces inflammation. The bee venom used in this formula comes from a pristine environment in British Columbia, Canada. Bees are not harmed in this proprietary collection process, which is done with great respect and love for the bees. A pane of glass is placed alongside a hive and a weak electrical current is run through the glass. The current encourages the bees to stick out their stingers. This muscular action pumps out a small amount of venom, which falls on the glass. The bees maintain their stingers and fly free and unharmed after their venom donation. It takes a million stings to create 1 ml (3/100 of an ounce) of venom, which is why this magical elixir so very precious.

If you are allergic to bee stings, do not use this product! It is also important to note that topical bee venom is best delivered in an entirely water-based medium, which is why this is a water-based serum and not a cream or a mask. The goal of this divine serum is to encourage your skin to blossom and expose its best, gently and over time.  Be Blessed – Bee Venom Elixir ignites your body’s own response mechanisms to encourage your most glowing natural radiance. 

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