3 Ways To Detox The Body From Harsh Substances

dandelion detox

The human body’s internal systems are a well-oiled machine. But the body can become worn down or need a tuned up once in awhile. The Earth is abundant with natural resources that can help detox the body’s organs. Here are three natural substances to help aid in any kind of detox, including drug detoxification.

Milk thistle

Milk thistle is a purple plant that can help detox the body’s organs from the harshest chemicals. One important health benefit from milk thistle is it is cited as being a very good dietary addition during drug detoxification. That is how powerful milk thistle can be for removing harmful substances from the body. Milk thistle often is referred to as “magnificent milk thistle” among alternative health care providers. They have seen the transformation of patients who consume it for detox purposes. A person may need to use it due to overuse of prescription drugs, alcohol or other harmful substances. The liver is an amazing organ responsible for the human body’s natural detox. However, it can become overwhelmed with chemicals and toxins. And milk thistle not only aids in the protection and proper functioning of the liver, it also contains powerful antioxidants that may protect your body from nerve damage, abnormal brain aging and cancer”

Black walnut

Black walnuts are a good detoxifier, although it shouldn’t be confused with English walnuts. Black walnuts have their own distinct properties. Arginine is noted as being the core element behind the balck walnuts’ detox benefits. And black walnuts are not only good for flushing out dangerous substances from the body’s internal systems, WebMD mentions the other health related benefits found in black walnuts.

Arginine, also known as L-arginine, is involved in a number of functions in the body.

  • Wound healing
  • Helping the kidneys remove waste products from the body
  • Maintaining immune system and hormone function
  • Dilating and relaxing the arteries

Dandelion root with burdock

Dandelions often are frowned upon as an annoying weed. Most men and women would be shocked to learn they serve as a solution for some medical conditions. Like milk thistle, dandelion root cleanses the liver, the body’s primary natural detox organ. Additionally, dandelion root helps with the liver’s detox functions. When dandelion root is used along with burdock, the detox results can be immediate. Those who have a history of prescription medicine use will find it beneficial to go through a proper liver detox. Dandelion root, along with burdock, speeds up the drug detoxification process in a lot of people. Burdock is another unappreciated weed that often is found in our gardens or lawns. Yet, it has its own health benefits, just like the weed dandelion. Aiding proper hormonal balance, good digestive health, and the immune system are some of burdock’s other benefits.  

Disclaimer: Please see your regular physician for a recommendation on whether to use these detox methods.



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