19 Incredible Beeswax Uses for Everyday Life

Beeswax isn’t just for the bees, it’s an all-natural, safe and environmentally friendly ingredient to use in a wide variety of ways. In your garden, on your skin, and in many fun children’s crafts, there’s no end to the possible beeswax uses. Many people, like herbalists, crafters and mothers consider it indispensable and have a constant supply on hand. If bought in bulk, it’s both economical and it never goes bad!

1.  Prevent Rust

Applying beeswax to steel, cast iron, and other metal tools can help prevent the appearance of rust over time. Especially for items that may be left out in the elements, beeswax can provide an important weather barrier. 

2.  Wood Conditioner

Rubbing a bit of beeswax over wooden furniture, and working it into the wood grains helps protect wood from aging. Also, a great method of prolonging the life of wooden kitchen tools like spoons, spatulas, and chopping blocks. Its food safe and kid friendly!

3.  Homemade Crayons

A great craft project to do with children, making homemade crayons also means you know exactly what is in them. A mixture of beeswax, carnauba wax and natural colourant is all you need for safe, environmentally friendly crayons. Plus a great, educational and rainy day activity.

4.  Waterproof Shoes

Even for shoes that were never meant to be waterproof, like summer cotton shoes and slip-ons, using a bit of beeswax salve will dramatically increase their water resistance. It’s safe for nearly all fabrics and materials, smells good, and keeps your feet dry!

5.  Hair Care

Long used for managing unruly dreadlocks, beeswax can also be used as a natural pomade. An easy recipe to try is equal parts coconut oil and beeswax, warmed up over low heat and allowed to cool. The pomade becomes easy to work with and can be used to style hair, and soothe an itchy scalp.

6.  Make Candles

As uses for beeswax go, candles are an obvious option, but often forgotten now that most candles are made out of petroleum or soy. Also another great craft to do with kids. If you are using beeswax sheets, the best part is that no heat is required! Simply roll a wick within the sheet of beeswax and an instant candle is made.

7.  Stone Counter Top Polish

Marble, granite or even finished concrete, why use harsh chemical products on your kitchen countertops when beeswax works equally as well? A bar of beeswax worked onto the countertop will protect it from daily wear and tear.

8.  Reusable Food Wrap

A traditional method for covering prepared food, waxed cotton is now making a comeback among do-it-yourselfers and in craft markets. By coating cotton with wax, it allows you to mold the fabric over bowls and around foods to preserve it, much like plastic wrap. Another easy project, melt beeswax over the stove, dip sheets of fabric into the melted wax and allow to dry. Warm up with your hands to easily mold to cover food.

9.  Bronze Care

If you have any bronze bowls or fixtures in your house, coating with beeswax protects from oxidation. Again, this is an easy alternative to products you can purchase, saving time, money and the environment.

10.  Grafting Wax

Gardeners have long been using beeswax to graft apple and pear trees. This means taking a cutting from one tree and grafting it onto another. One tree can then have multiple kinds of apples by using beeswax to protect different branches as they grow together and become part of the same tree.

11.  Lip Balm

Make your own lip balm! There are hundreds of different lip balm recipes available online, but beeswax is nearly always a primary ingredient. It has protectant, nourishing, and moisturizing properties plus you can add your favorite scents, and reuse your old lip balm containers.

12.  Body Butter

Another great do-it-yourself body product, with lots of inspiration available online. Easy to add nourishing minerals like magnesium, or soothing scents like lavender, the possibilities are literally endless. Its also a great idea to make in bulk, as they make excellent gift ideas.

13.  Beard Conditioner

Mixed with equal parts coconut oil, beeswax beard conditioner softens and protects facial hair. It’s already a primary ingredient in most store-bought beard products, which are easily replicable at home.

14.  Diaper Rash Cream

Soothe the smallest irritations, by making your own diaper rash cream with beeswax. Additives like calendula ointment and witch hazel help reduce inflammation and irritations for the most sensitive bums. Plus, moms know exactly what is going on their babies!

15.  Modeling Clay

Warm up beeswax and combine with natural plant dyes to make an easy afternoon activity. When worked with your hands beeswax becomes extremely malleable, and children can make anything their imagination can dream up. Plus, when they no longer use it, it can then be used to make candles.

16.  Protect Leather 

Whether you want to protect a belt, shoes, or even a saddle, beeswax has long been known to be a great leather protectant, softener and conditioner. Use a beeswax bar and gently rub over the surface, then use your hands to warm up the wax and begin to work it into the leather.

17.  Easter Eggs

Another fun kids’ activity, especially around Easter.  Use beeswax to outline designs on Easter eggs, then dip the egg in an all-natural dye. For a more advanced craft try using the traditional Ukrainian method of using beeswax batik to create complex outlines prior to dying.

18.  Grease Pans for Baking

When baking cookies, cakes and squares, use a bar of beeswax to grease the pans prior to use. Beeswax is safe, all natural and makes cleanup a breeze.

19.  Prevent Stretch Marks

Finally, make your own cream to sooth stretch marks by combining olive oil, coconut oil and beeswax. Add other healthy ingredients like vitamin E, or rosehip oil, to help health and reduce the appearance.








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