Living in The Zone: The Ultimate Way of Living

the zone

Living in “The Zone” is the ultimate way of life and, once you know how to get there, you’ll never, ever want to live any other way.

I love watching the tennis. I love watching champions when they miss a shot. I love watching how a game can be won or lost by mind games. You can see attitude in the posture. I was chatting with a Gold Olympian recently who now is a sports coach and selector. She told me to become a champion in anything you need to know what most people don’t. She said elite athletes develop ‘muscle memory’ which means they don’t have to think about the mechanics of the play, their feet or arm positions. They just automatically do what they have been trained to do by correct repetitions of the same play. They are “on their game” when everything instinctively happens. The basics are automatic. They have ‘spaced out’ all distractions to the play that is at hand and are focused totally, with every muscle working on automatic. Now their task is simply to control the mindset and they are in “The Zone.” They go through their little routine prior to their serve.  They review anchor points. The only way for the opposition to break the winner is by upsetting their routine to get them “off their game”. I have seen it happen. When all was going one players way, a ball was called ‘out,’ when it was actually ‘in,’ and “The Zone” was interrupted. The player lost “The Zone” and then lost the game.

Most people need to get the adrenalin pumping by psyching themselves up. This high stress cortisol causes burnout. But when you are  in “The Zone,” there is no stress, anxiety or lack of confidence. You just “are.” Naturally, life continues and interruptions do occur, which bring about unforeseen situations. However, in “The Zone” it is easy to continue unperturbed and productive with extraordinary results. Living in “The Zone” is the ultimate way of life and, once you know how to get there, you’ll never, ever want to live any other way.

My friend said the only way to get into “The Zone” is letting go of all the old beliefs and limitations. New thoughts and processes are released into the free mind when in “The Zone.” It is where ideas flow and solutions abound. It is where excuses are not tolerated and you ask questions such as, “What if?”  If you chose to stay and live in the old paradigm of being who you are now, your life will just repeat that ordinary past where people live with stress. Life may be intersected by short bursts of genuine pleasure – but rarely.

Stepping up into “The Zone” and blossoming there requires totally “letting go” of the past. With a total paradigm shift, life becomes an astonishing adventure in “The Zone.” All champions know how to release “The Zone” energy and successfully direct their mind so they achieve and stay in “The Zone.”  Negative thoughts are curtailed the moment they attempt to enter “The Zone” and, therefore, stress and pressure are gone.  

There seems to be a natural charisma that attracts people and opportunities to you when you are in “The Zone.” Your leadership is compelling. People admire you and gravitate to you like kids to an ice cream stand when you are in “The Zone.” They want to emulate you. You are an inspiration and winning ideas instinctively occur with brilliant solutions to your challenges. You become a client magnet for your business. Professional people have called it a “state of luminosity.” Teamwork and harmony seem to follow you wherever you go in this condition of clarity.

In “The Zone,” you experience the joy of unconditional love in your personal life, which naturally spills into every relationship in your life. Couples define it as falling in love. Spiritual seekers label it enlightenment.  Coincidences happen–just being in the right place at the right time and you’re not even aware of how it’s happening. Life is a journey of totally stimulating new adventures. Everything smells clean, like freshly mowed grass or the rain after a drought.  It’s just like on a cold night when my log fire attracts all to it; your well of motivation and upbeat energy will inspire, encourage and support others around you. Your cup overflows with purpose and passion. Life is filled with the joy of achievement and you suck the marrow out of every single instant. You feel complete and content when you are living life in “The Zone.” I recommend it. 

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