The Importance of Family in Your Child’s Life

importance of family

I hope you give yourself the opportunity to ask for guidance and are lucky enough to have such a person within your family. You will find that family will give you a strong sense of stability.

Friends and relations you marry into may come and go, but your blood family will always be your family until the end of your life.

How much more stability do you need? Knowing you have a family to fall back on is a secure feeling that will stabilize you when the decisions you make begin to rock your boat.

Just like the crew on a ship when the waters start getting rough, they are there to make sure the procedures are carried out to make the voyage a little bit smoother and safer for the passengers on board and to stabilize the ship as much as possible.

I believe this is one of the reasons why some children who were given up for adoption search for their biological parents.

They feel, when they find out they have been adopted, that their life is a bit unstable and they wish to solve the mystery and curiosity of why they were put up for adoption in the first place. Wanting stability is a natural feeling to have.

Family is where your roots lie. And as we know, the roots are from where everything sprouts; this includes human beings. We need to feel stability in our lives.

Some of the most enjoyable moments I can recall are the times when we, as a family, would sit around the dining room table at my mother’s place after we had eaten our dinner. We would reminisce, not only about our past, young individual lives, but our past young lives together as a family.

It’s interesting how some serious circumstances in the past can be so funny when we look back on them and discuss them with someone else.

We would laugh for hours and the younger members would ask many questions of the older relatives so they could get as much detail as possible. And then the senior relatives would talk about how different their lives and relatives were in a bygone era.

The younger generation could not even fathom what it was like to live in the world in which their grandparents and great-grandparents lived. The youngest ones would be attentive to every word that was said.

Learning about their family roots, in my opinion, gives people a sense of where they came from. It gives them an understanding of how their heritage evolved over the years. It helps them understand the conditions their family survived by adapting to the era in which they were living at the time.

I think it also gives them some comfort to know they are not the only ones who need to adapt to conditions in their own era. Life challenges can be similar for everyone and there is no easy ride. The manner in which you deal with them (your attitude) is important.

Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent your attitude towards it.

To add to your happiness, family also can present you with examples of the different attitudes that worked for them and the ones that did not. You can best maximize your options to be for you rather than against you. Again, seek out the relations who already have achieved what you are hoping to achieve and mirror their behavior.

One of the best conversations I enjoy is sitting with my mother and listening to her when she discusses her days growing up with my grandfather and aunties. I see so many similar behaviors from her father, and I know now where I get my sense of humor.

As my father passed away many years ago, I also miss hearing the same type of stories from his side of the family. Have an interest in your family history and feel the stability surround your senses.

I have found that to have a functional, happy family environment, you need to have an extremely patient mindset.

Why is it that most of the time our immediate families are on their worst behavior when they are in their family circle and on their best behavior when they are outside of it? Sometimes you would never know they are the same people.

In my opinion, one of the reasons for this is they feel as though they do not have to try being friends with their relatives, as they have no choice but to put up with them.

But to anyone outside of this circle, they feel like they have to impress them to convince them to like them, as they can just as well walk away and never have to see them again.

Watch your children grow with stability as I did.

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