Message From Spirit – Please Be Patient

In today’s world, life moves at a quickened pace. Everyone is in a rush to be somewhere or just to “DO” something. Just “being” is a lost art!

Another quality which seems to be declining is “patience”. It appears there is no time for patience any more.
Stand back and take a good, hard look at everyday life. Where do you see patience abounding?

If you are driving there is a total lack of consideration among drivers. Again, everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere. There is no patience as the increase in road rage indicates. Think about how you can reverse the situation by showing patience when you drive.

Are you a parent of young children? Do you take the time to answer their questions? Are you showing them the correct amount of patience so they feel nurtured and secure? You all have seen impatient mums shopping with young children, often giving into their demands to keep them quiet. Where is the patience?

What about in the workplace? For example, do you show patience with your workmates who may not be up to speed with new procedures? Are you tolerant of different attitudes? If you are a boss or a leader, do you understand your colleagues’ home situations? Is there a reason for their unusual behaviour? Is patience part of your life at work?

What about when you are shopping? Are you aware of others’ needs and priorities when you shop? Do you wait your turn patiently? Would you ever consider giving up your place in a queue for someone else who may be elderly, a young mother with a baby or maybe someone who only has a few items? This paves the way for that person to repay the favour at another time. Setting an example is a great way to change people’s thinking!

Your home is a wonderful place to be an example of patience. How else do children learn to be patient if they don’t see it in action! Take the time to listen to your children, your spouse or whoever else lives with you. Everyone deserves to be listened to every day. It builds strong self-worth. Lots of situations will flow more smoothly with some expression of patience.

Be conscious of what you think, feel and do! Be patient with yourself and others. You will find life running a lot more smoothly and happily. What everyone really wants is to be happy, so make an effort to be more patient!

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