Santa, Give Me a Romantic and Passionate Christmas

romantic christmas

One of the most frequent needs is finding a romantic relationship.

What separates the relationship with just a friend from that of a lover is romance.

If there is no romance, then all you have is a friendship. So make the effort and time to inject romance into your friendship and you will have a loving partner for life.

If this is something that does not come easily to you, then ask your spouse what makes her/him feel like they are being loved. What is her/his definition of romance?

Most of the time, what is romantic to one person is not so romantic to another, so the only way to find out is to ask.

For example, some people like going out in the wilderness alone and spending time with each other, sitting by a lake, fishing, talking, watching the camp fire burning and hearing the birds singing. But to others, this idea is horrifying. They prefer dressing up, going out to a five-star restaurant for dinner, dancing cheek-to-cheek, and finishing off with a moonlight walk down the avenue.

My point is, everyone is different and you need to find out what your spouse finds romantic. To be romantic, you must be creative. If you are searching for new ideas, check out romantic films and give those strategies a try.

After a while, you will be a master at it and, of course, everyone likes romance and love in their life.

And what’s the point in being romantic if you are not passionate? When you have passion in your relationship, you are sure to have excitement, and excitement makes “boring” a dirty word.

Passion is one of the main qualities that needs to be topped up on a continual basis. Otherwise, it will slowly disappear and you will not notice until it is too late.

Also, it can be the sole reason your partner loses interest in you, even if you have the other ingredients working well for you. Without passion, you will bring down your love life before you can say, “I have met someone else.”

You must be aware when passion is losing its grip. Because as you go about your daily routine, it is easy to let passion slide and forget about each other. Always keep the end in mind. If you let the passion slip, you may end up alone.

Always remember: have passion for what you do want instead of fear for what you don’t.

When I was living in Tasmania, I was driven by that saying. I wanted to be closer to my family in Melbourne and make a sea change in my career. However, I was concerned moving to Melbourne could change and jeopardize the other areas in my life that did not need improvement.

Once I realized my priorities, I knew I had to have passion for what I did want, not fear of what I didn’t. Most of the time, everything fell into place, but sometimes it did not. I kept my focus with my end in mind and pushed myself through those tough times. I used passion and created a life that truly increased my happiness a hundredfold in all areas, not just a few. And so it is with love.

You must remind yourself that passion will give your relationship all it needs to succeed and last when times get tough and things are not going exactly the way you planned. Put passion back onto your partner, and you will receive passion back to you.

Remember to be romantic and passionate this Christmas. Happy Holidays!!

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