Setting Aside 10 Minutes Every Day Can Help You Change Your Life

Setting Aside 10 Minutes Every Day Can Help You Change Your Life

Doing little things that make you happy can go a long way. Most of us are so focused on the goals that we miss out on making the most of our journey. You don’t need to spend a lot of time to change your life—just set aside 10 minutes every day. Utilize this time to breathe, collect your thoughts, rejuvenate your mind, and prioritize your day. Wondering how you can do this when you have a packed schedule? Keep reading to understand how you can make the most of these few minutes.

Declutter Your Life

declutter your life

Whether it’s your room or your life, nothing can live harmoniously with clutter. Clutter can deprive you of the positive energy you need to live a happy and fulfilling life. Start by setting aside 10 minutes each day to declutter the space you live and work in. Living in a cluttered space gives you less room to think in or do something with entire focus. So, make a conscious effort and free up space. You will appreciate it later when you can pay more attention to the things that matter. You will see how decluttering gives you vital energy to live a good life.

Learn Something New

The need to learn doesn’t stop, no matter how old you get. The world is full of interesting information and knowledge that awaits you, and it’s never too late to learn something new. Learning new things every day helps you grow and evolve into your best self. Reading, watching, or even experiencing something new makes you wiser and more confident. It feeds the curious soul within you by broadening your perspective.

Time to Appreciate

You have the whole day to yourself, so why not spend 10 minutes to appreciate the presence of someone else in your life? Compliment and appreciate them as much as you can. You might wonder if this could actually impact your life—but it does. It helps you feel good and builds trust between the two of you. This time spent in gratitude helps you grow as an individual and gives the other person more reason to love and support you. This humbling activity changes your life and reminds you to be grateful every day.

Plan Your Day

plan your day

Why are we often in a rush to get through the day? Because we haven’t spent time organizing it beforehand. When you do not plan your day, you are overwhelmed with all the things that need to be done that day. You don’t need to do much—simply prioritize things that need to get done and plan how to get them done before the chaos sets in. Plan so that you can give yourself enough space to be fully present in each activity.

Eat Feel-Good Foods

We all experience days when we rush through breakfast or lunch between chores. The reason you are in a cranky mood could be that you aren’t making enough time for the food you eat. Eating mindfully may take you an extra 10 minutes, but it can change your life. Consuming healthy/good food can brighten up your mood. Find foods that give you positive vibes. Make the right choices, and you will see how it changes you.

Take a Walk

All you need is 10 minutes to go for a stroll during the day, early morning, during work, or even at night. Step outside for a bit—the fresh air and the walk can bring all your thoughts together. Sometimes, when you are feeling blah, all you need is a little break to improve your mood. A morning ritual with meditation or yoga can help you regain some peace and calm even on a stressful day. Go outside, take deep breaths, and enjoy your surroundings.

These are a few things you can do in the 10 minutes you put aside each day. Use this time to take better care of yourself. Just 10 minutes can help you figure out life and take control by spending a short amount of time to bring yourself together. You will start appreciating life more and enjoying it wholeheartedly. So, spend a few minutes each day to reflect on all the things that can improve your quality of life and make you feel good.

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