Never Compromise Your Core Values

core values

If you wish to be the best role model you can be for your family, you must have a solid foundation and understanding of what your core values are.

Without those principles in place, don’t expect to find your way into a fulfilled, happy family life. Without those principles, don’t expect to know whether any decisions are right for you and your family. How could you? Those principles give you a vision of what you would like your family to become and your choices will be automated by relating to your principles.

The reason many families have problems is they do not have similar principles. For instance, you would not expect a family with a strong criminal history to have the same principles as a family that is law abiding, would you?

And believe it or not, these principles are handed down from generation to generation. Therefore, if you wish to change your family history, you will need to change your principles.

In two generations, you will have created a new way of life for your offspring.

Core principles are beliefs that, no matter what, you will not go against. No matter how, what, or who tries to influence you to leave them behind, you will not allow any of those things to override your decisions.

Usually your beliefs and principles are created and formed when you are young, from your circle of influence; namely, your parents, friends and environment.

I knew of a wealthy man who made decisions only if they were congruent with his principles. If he was successful with his choices, he was very happy. If he was not successful, he still was very happy because he knew his principles made him what he was, not the outcome of his decisions.

I also have heard of people being advised on a “good deal”, but they did not proceed with the offer because it was not in line with their beliefs. Their advisers thought that decision wrong, only to find out later the offer was a “bad deal” in the end.

I have learnt there is no such thing as a bad or good decision. It only matters whether the decision is in alignment with my principles. One of my best beliefs is, don’t do bad things; always do good things. Be principle-centered and you never will go wrong.

One of my biggest lessons in life came from this very point. I was under the impression that when my decisions affected someone else, I would compromise, see their point of view and either meet them half way or go with what they wanted to do.

What a mistake that was. As an adult, you never should let anyone convince you to compromise your principles. No spouse, friend, father, mother, no one; because your principles should be in alignment with the universe. And no one has the right to override the universal laws.

Do so and the outcome most always will come back and hit you hard, right in the face. There are many things you should compromise with, but never your principles.

Think about it. Your principles and values are what you are made of and, if that is compromised, you lose who you are. If this causes disagreements, arguments and discomfort, then you are not in your right place and should consider other alternatives. The universal laws always will look after you.

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