The Power in being more loving.

There is something powerful when we all stand in our right as being more loving and allow our relationships to become an intimate connection of two individuals coming together and growing without fear that the other will not approve.

Could it be possible that the challenges in realizing your own potential weren’t caused by any personal inadequacy you thought you had? Could it be possible they instead were the result of not having enough support in your life from your partner to flourish?

In today’s culture it seems we celebrate the power of the individual. By doing this we’ve been led to believe we’re weak, inadequate, or somehow flawed if we can’t gain mastery over our lives by ourselves.

However, we need support from others, especially our partners and love ones, to thrive and come into the fullness of our power to be more loving.
Even though some of us have supportive friends and family members, our inner experience is we are alone. We believe flourishing is a personal problem we have to tackle by ourselves.

Becoming yourself and making the greatest difference in your home life with your gifts is a team sport, not a solo race.

Most of us have spent decades struggling in isolation, trying to break free from old patterns and launch our creativity into the world. What’s even worse is we find we are beating ourselves up for not being able to do it alone. This leads to depression and shutting off from the people who could possibly love us.

Think about an area of your life that you most want to transform, e.g. education, intimacy, communication, touch, etc.

Think about an aspect of this part of your life that is the most challenging.

Then take a moment to breathe into the feelings in your body and your own experience of this challenge.

Answer the following questions:

How many other people in your life know about this challenge you’re going through and are supporting you in it?

How much support from others have you reached out and asked for?

How many resources have you tried to access?

If you haven’t received a lot of support in this area, begin to be curious about why. It might be because, like most people, you have internal barriers to receiving support.

We don’t want to appear weak, inadequate or needy.

What might need to shift in you to allow you to open up to receiving support and resources around this current challenge?

It’s only by coming together with our partners in a shared, committed relationship that can we feed each other power and support one another to step into our larger destiny, when our lives are able to flourish.

The key to making the greatest difference with your gifts of love is opening up to receive support from others who share a mutual commitment to realizing their own loving potential.

You might find it’s often challenging to find a partner who shares your passion to evolve as well as a commitment to go “all the way” to be of service with the precious gifts and talents placed in your hands.

This is the essential difference between ordinary friendships and evolutionary partnerships, and why you absolutely must deepen your relationships to realize the greatest possibilities of your life.

By playing the “biggest game” you can imagine an imperative for your success in life. You can become your authentic self and take your rightful place in the world inside of a field of an empowered relationship with your lover.
This is the true purpose of all of your relationships, and how to begin generating mutually empowered partnerships that will lift and inspire you toward making your greatest contributions. This is the secret to creating ecstatic intimacy and deepened connection with your partner that will support you to come into the full expression of your power in the world.

With love,



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