Message From Spirit – The Chronicles of Time

Please be aware time has no rhyme or reason. When you are busy, time flies. When you are bored, time seems to stagnate.
How do you use your time? Are you aware of your busy-ness? Are you conscious of time well spent? What do you do with your time? Can you use it more wisely?

When you are conscious of time you can be more valuable to yourself. Sit in contemplation and discover how you can use time to your advantage. Breathe deeply and watch your breath go in and out. Relax into your mind and let it go.

Discover ways to use your time more wisely. Do you need to watch TV as much as you do? If you gave up some idle time, what would you do with that time? You may choose to read a book, study, learn a new skill, do something for someone else or just be more productive.
How do you think choosing an alternative to TV would make you feel? It may improve your self-esteem. You may become energized and more motivated to make changes in your life.

What other ways can you make use of your time more wisely? What time do you go to bed? Have you ever thought of going to bed early and waking up early? You will feel refreshed and invigorated, ready for an amazing day of joy, happiness and discovery.

Do you take the time to set your goals or do you walk through life aimlessly? Can you imagine your life if it played out exactly as you would like it? Take the time and it will be time well spent!
How does your environment make you feel? Are you content with the space where you live? Do you need to put some time into removing clutter? When you get rid of what you no longer need, it makes space for new ideas and new things in your life.

Take the time to make time!! You are in charge of your life. Make time work for you. Time is precious! Use it wisely and you will reap the benefits!

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