Message From Spirit-Bring In The Harmony


How long has it been since you felt harmony in your life? No, I don’t mean musically! I mean the peace in your heart which resides there along with love and compassion. It’s time to focus on creating harmony in your life.

This can mean many things. You can work at it in different ways depending on your situation.

Do you need to create harmony in your relationships? Is it necessary to mend any relationships which are in disharmony, either at home or at work?

Forgiveness is the key here and maybe the willingness to take the first step. Is stubbornness blocking your relationship from being healed? Contemplate how you can bring harmony to your life in the area of relationships.

Maybe you would benefit from harmonising your day? Do you plan your day or do you randomly go about each activity as it just pops into your head? Do you feel frazzled by the end of the day due to disconnection in your thoughts and the way you have chosen to use your time? A bit of planning, some organized activity, and maybe some special time for you to do something which brings you pleasure, will make your day a little bit brighter.

Does your house or workplace need some organizing to bring it harmony? When you look at the state of your home do you get a feeling of warmth, love and satisfaction? Or is your home or workplace full of unfinished jobs, clutter and things not in their rightful place?

Do yourself a favour and do all those things you think about, but don’t get done. Be proactive and you will be amazed at how it makes you feel. You will have a sense of a job well done and a feeling of harmony!

The final and most important place you need to harmonise is your inner being. Are you living in the present or are you focussing on the past, or even worrying about the future? Living in the past or the future depletes your energy.

What emotions are you holding onto which are having a detrimental effect on your health and well being? Is shame, guilt, betrayal, anger, frustration, etc. making its presence felt? Often these emotions manifest in the body as physical symptoms. What are your symptoms telling you? It’s time to harmonise your mind, body and spirit!

How do you think you would feel if all areas of your life were harmonised at the same time? You would see a major difference in how you life manifests. Do the work today to receive the rewards tomorrow. What you do in one area will affect the others. What a great gift you will be giving to those around you!

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