Burning Man Video: Lake Of Dreams

As we decompress from the Burning Man, we are deeply gratified by the magical experience we had on the Black Rock City Playa. From the people we met, to the art and music, and deep engaging talks…


…Burning Man must be experienced to be understood!

For a moment in time, condensed creative energy crystalizes into a sea of other worldly beauty. The playa allows you to mold an experience that is perfectly crafted for you. You are disconnected from the outside world and are given permission to choose your own adventure! Whatever interests you is there to play with, whatever you need to be challenged by is there is well.

Need to release something? The temple is the place to go as is an open-armed community all around you.

This Burning Man video captures a taste of what is an amazing Bohemian community that is void of money but rich in wealth. All participating in a beautiful collective dream that is on the edge of chaos but in perfect harmony.

If you’ve never been we hope one day you’ll also join us on the playa and co-create a rich experience within the boundaries of Black Rock City. <3

burning man 2014

burning man 2014


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