Holidays – A Time Of Forgiveness?

During our lifetime we have many arguments, tiffs and differences of opinion in all sorts of relationships. Whether it is a marriage, a family, a friendship, work situation or just an acquaintance, it need not end in a breakdown of that relationship.

What is the missing link that usually leads to the demise of a relationship? Most times it is a lack of forgiveness! Why do people find it hard to forgive?

Is it judgment which keeps them in a negative environment? Or is it empty forgiveness, phrases that come from the head and not the heart?

A person who judges finds it hard to change and is not open to new ideas. There is no light before the dawn, no joy in forgiveness. There is a feeling of giving up what they feel is right.

Forgiveness is healing a negative situation. When you forgive you actually are helping yourself more than the other person! It makes your heart stronger!

The process of forgiveness starts with love. Let go of the hurt and feel the freedom of letting go. Just expressing how you feel to the other person involved is enough. Remember, nothing can be healed by producing more negative behaviours and emotions. It is peace that is desired.

During this holiday period take some time out for some inner work. Ask yourself these questions. Are you open to changing your mind about a hurtful situation? Do you realize the limitations you are putting on yourself by lack of forgiveness?

Open the door to a new reality and release the sadness that is a consequence of not being able to forgive another. Feel the freedom of being unencumbered and master the art of forgiveness!

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