4 Tips to Master Energy Healing

energy healing

When it comes to the holiday season, we are easily pulled in multiple directions and so is our energy. When you become overwhelmed use these four tips to get back to your center and renew your energy once again.

Give Thanks

Start your day off on the right foot with some positive implements into your daily routine. You can choose from positive affirmations (which many are also posted within our blogs), giving thanks (such as a gratitude list/journal) focused visualization, meditation or deep breathing. When you start your day off in a positive mindset, instead of getting out of bed, dragging your feet into the bathroom or into the kitchen to make coffee with a foggy head, take some time for yourself. Even if this is 5-10 minutes, as everyone can spare this, this will get your mindset focused on the positive. What this does is help to clear the pathway for the day. It is a type of mental programming. Your mind says “Oh ok, I am going in this direction. I am ready to go” and you are off. Without this you are like walking around in limbo and if something negative sets it off you are then headed into anxiety territory. So this exercise is one to start your day off right and set the mood!


Take a Breath

When anxiety does come up, take another moment for yourself. Or if you know something is goes to come about, let’s say for example a meeting with a boss that you know you get stressed over, take a moment before you go into the meeting. Clear your head, focus your energy and your breathing. This will calm down your energy fields, relax your body and allow the negative energy to pass. The trick is to not absorb this within your energy fields. There are always going to be stressers in our life, but that does not mean you have to take on their energy. You do not want this in your life or your energy fields and it is ok to say “hey, I am going to pass on the negative energy and let this move away from me” – you have this right. We want to bask in the positive energy and share this with others and when a nay-sayer or negative situation arises, simply step aside, duck or jump to move out of its way (ok not literally but you know what I mean)!


Balance Your Energy

This is a wonderful method you can have handy in your pocket, desk drawer, purse, or on your dresser. Make sure you have a Citrine crystal. These are absolutely wonderful for helping with anxiety. There are many many crystals out there and a lot of them can help balance the energy fields for your anxiety issues, but for a quick relief – grab your Citrine. This will remove the toxic energy building here and clear it from your energy fields. This is a life saver for many people and can turn your day right around. You can even keep this on you during your day if you want by placing it in your pocket or wearing it on a pendant. You can find them at local rock/gem/metaphysical/holistic or natural health food stores. Their vibrational energies can’t be beat for helping with anxiety.


Center Yourself

There are many different things you can also incorporate into your daily routine at any time that you like, as you can add in meditation, self healing, grounding your energy, centering your energy, clearing your energy fields, and the list goes on and on. It is about finding what works for you and the exercises (which are very very simple) can truly change things around in your life. They do not have to be long drawn out routines that take hours, but a simple reprogramming from the negative into the positive. You can see results in the very first day, as remember it is important to start your day off on the positive side, with less stress, anxiety levels dropping, feeling more relaxed and at ease and in turn better health.


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