Are Vitamins And Supplements Dangerous?

Many articles and publications intend to instill a fear in their readers. It is the fear of overdosing” with vitamins or supplements. Sometimes the articles are totally against supplements. Sometimes they want to be seen as impartial. They will say a little bit is fine but this “boogeyman” is lurking just behind the door: If, God forbid, we use more than “recommended” by some self-proclaimed “experts,” we could do more harm than good.

The truth is different: If supplements caused so many problems, the authorities would have a field day. Supplements would have been banned a long time ago. And yes, under pressure from the Big Pharma lobby, authorities can’t wait to find reasons to outlaw any supplements with has real benefits.

As one of my mentors says, “If there are so many problems with supplements where are the dead people? Where are the bodies?

“All those possible interactions, where are they? Hundreds of people die every day from aspirin and Tylenol and nothing alarms the media. Just imagine if someone died or was harmed by vitamins, what a media scandal it would make.”

The reality is taking supplements is no more dangerous than doing anything even remotely dangerous, such as getting out of your house. The “danger of supplements” is hyped by the media and big pharmaceutical companies to suppress competition, plain and simple.

The media exaggerates any dangers and minimizes positive results, intentionally, to confuse and scare the public. Why confuse them? That’s because a precept of marketing says “a confused mind does not buy”. And it is true.

Just ask your vitamin-bashing doctor the last time he has seen a symptomatic “overdose” of vitamin E, A or any other element from a nutritional supplement. He or she will have no good answer. However, he or she likely will have read about a case that happened many, many years ago… Meanwhile, medications kill scores of people every single day and that is okay in their mind.

Look at the medical studies, look at real facts, not at theory! Can you take them with anticoagulants? Yes, there is no problem! Can you take them with chemotherapy? Yes they even help! Can you take them with medications? Absolutely, as a matter of fact, most common medications deplete the body of specific nutrients.

Can you say this openly? No, because everybody is afraid. After all, we live in the U.S.A., the country with the most lawyers in the world! If one in a thousand has a reaction, even if caused by something else, lawyers love to be involved.

This misconception, that vitamins and supplements are dangerous, is deliberately placed and maintained.

Does everybody know how much of a supplement we need for an “overdose?” This varies with the nutrient, but usually a dose has to be 10, or 50 or 100 or even 1,000 times more than the recommended dosage, taken for years, to be harmful.

The truth is supplements, mostly the good-quality, high-dose, powerful ones, help. They make us more energetic, aware and focused.

It’s important to get the right amount of nutrients and vitamins every day to maintain good health, boost energy levels and maintain a healthy immune system.

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