Ways to Train Your Body To Fall Asleep Fast

Sleep is an essential part of overall well-being. Unfortunately over 40 million people in US are dealing with sleep problems.

If you find it hard to go to sleep, here are some tips that should help you get the rest you need.

Getting Comfy

It is nearly impossible to fall asleep if you are not comfortable. For this reason, experts recommend that you do as much as you can to adjust the environment in which you sleep to make it easier for you to get the sleep you need. While it is not always possible to adjust everything, the following are some conditions you are likely to have full control over.

  • Adjust the temperature: Most people find that it is easier to get to sleep and stay asleep longer at temperatures that range between 60.8 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit. This may require setting the thermostat, throwing another blanket on the bed or turning on a fan.
  • Sleeping position: the position you choose to sleep in is entirely a personal matter, but the aim is getting as comfortable as possible before attempting to fall asleep.
  • Sleepwear: the clothes you choose to sleep in can make all the difference in the world as to how quickly you fall asleep. Some people even choose to wear no clothes at all.


The majority of people find that getting to sleep easily often depends on how dark the room is. There are some things that can be done to reduce the amount of light coming in, but when that is not enough, you still have some options.

  • Hang blackout curtains over windows or place a screen between you and the light source.
  • Wear a sleep mask to gently cover your eyes.
  • Turn your face away from light sources or block it by placing your arm over your face.


It is not unusual to find that two people sleeping in the same room have different tolerances to noise. One person may fall asleep easier with ambient sound while the other needs complete silence. There are some ways to get around these issues and keep everyone happy.

  • Buying earplugs at a local pharmacy will help to block out unnecessary sounds from neighbors or roommates, but still allow you to hear emergency warnings such as fire alarms if they go off.
  • Intermittent sounds are often the worst because they can be unexpected. You can block out traffic noise, dogs barking and other neighborhood sounds by having soothing sounds playing in the background.
  • Ambient sounds are another choice for those who have trouble falling asleep. The sound of rain falling on the roof or landing in a puddle is soothing to many people.

There are lots of other techniques one can try when attempting to fall asleep quickly. For instance, giving up coffee altogether has proven helpful to some people who have trouble getting to sleep. Others have learned to train their brains to fall asleep within 30 seconds after going to bed. The point of such training is to teach the brain to forget about all other activities, and get on with the process of sleeping.

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Many have found that they can train themselves to fall asleep within 30 seconds by taking timed naps. For instance, when they feel drowsy during the day they allow themselves a 20-minute nap, but only 20 minutes. They keep track of this by setting a timer that tells them when nap time is over. Whether they sleep during this time or not, they still take this time out to lean back, close their eyes and do nothing else. Do this several times each week and always get up as soon as the alarm goes off.

The next important step in the process of training your brain to fall asleep quickly involves going to bed at the same time every night and make sure to have at least 7 hours to sleep. Again, set an alarm and always get up as soon as you hear it the next morning. What you are doing is sending a message to your brain that you have a limited amount of time in which to sleep, so it will eventually figure out that it should not be squandering any of that time.

If you get sleepy during the day because you are not allowing yourself to oversleep, just indulge in a short nap if you need to. Something else that helps is to get some good cardio exercise to help regulate neurotransmitters and hormones that are involved with sleep cycles. Each person is different, so you will need to experiment with what works for you, but given enough time, you too can be falling asleep regularly within 30 seconds.

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