Thermogenics are a well-known class of dietary foods and supplements that are used in weight loss programs. Thermogenic compounds slightly increase the body temperature, thereby stimulating the metabolism rate. These also curb appetites and hunger, allowing a person to eat less. Thermogenics are often added to pills or tablet, which are commonly referred to as diet pills.

While there is no set standard or defining criteria for Thermogenics, hundreds of herbal and nutritional supplements in this category are being manufactured. Some common brands for Thermogenics supplements are – Geon, Lee Labrada, Icon Laboratories, Champion Nutrition, AST research, PRD, Syntrax Innovations etc.

When the body burns fat, heat is produced on its own. However in some cases, heat is induced artificially to help increase the metabolism rate in a person’s body. Exercise Thermogenics is a different branch of this science, where rigorous exercise leads to an increase in energy demand, which further leads to the consumption of fat cells.

Diet induced Thermogenesis is different from Exercise Thermogenics since there body generates heat to burn the fat cells for energy production. As a part of the Weight loss and Muscle building programs, Thermogenic compounds are used to accelerate the metabolism rate in the body, forcing it to burn the stored fat to produce more energy.

Muscle builders also use the principle of thermogenesis to reduce and control fat content in their body, to improve their muscle definition and structure.

But prolonged use of Thermogenics can make you more prone to injuries and health problems such as cardiovascular diseases. Also excessive use makes your body more tolerant towards the Thermogenic supplements or food, resulting in a reduction in fat loss rate.

The compounds that are used for thermogenesis are essentially stimulants such as Ephedrine and Caffeine. There are various types of Thermogenics that are used in supplements, diet pills and are even present in certain foods. Some of these are:

Different types of Thermogenics

  • Stimulants – Majority of stimulants such as caffeine can be classified as Thermogenics because they act as a metabolism booster, and increase the fat burning power of the body.
  • Ephedra – This is yet another powerful herbal Thermogenic compound that contains Ephedrine, a stimulant and a popular ingredient of all weight-loss supplements.
  • Yohimbe – This is a native African herb which is mostly used in male-enhancement products. Yohimbe acts as a hemodilator and can cause sweating, flushing and insomnia, coz’ of which its use is banned in certain countries.
  • Synephrine –   A relatively new Thermogenic, Synephrine is increasingly gaining popularity as an effective weight loss supplement. Derived from certain fruit peels, Synephrine causes the body temperature to increase slightly and speeds up the metabolism rate.
  • Fucoxanthin – This is a non-stimulant and safer alternative to other temperature elevating Thermogenics currently available in the market. Fucoxanthin is a component of brown seaweed, and is known to assist in natural weight loss.

While the above-mentioned herbs and compounds are most often used in supplements or by themselves, a more natural way for weight loss would be to increase your intake of Thermogenics foods. There are a wide variety of foods that work in the same way as the various Thermogenic compounds, and help in burning off the fat stored in the body.

Top 10 Thermogenic Foods

Cayenne Pepper – Cayenne and other hot peppers top the list when it comes to Thermogenic foods. These contain capsaicin, which boosts the metabolism rate by up to 20%. It also expels out the fat contained in arteries.

Green Tea – The ingredients in Green Tea – Cannatic Extract and Gymnemic Acid are excellent for improving digestion and boosting weight loss. These also reduce absorption of sugar into the blood and lower the craving for sweets.

Coffee – The high Caffeine content in coffee, works as a stimulant and helps in burning more fat. This explains why people get a sudden boost in energy and feel more active after drinking a cup of coffee.

Salsa – As per the Oxford University, Salsa can increase the metabolism rate by up to 15-20% and assist in weight loss.

Mustard – A research conducted by the University of Massachusetts, showed that adding just 3/5th of a teaspoon of mustard sauce to a meal can increase the metabolism rate by a whopping 25%. The subjects who were tested burned off an extra 45 calories within 3 hours of having mustard sauce with their meal.

Cabbage – An all-time favorite of dieters, cabbage is a negative calorie food. Negative calorie foods are those that require more calories to be digested than they provide. The thermic effect of such foods is greater than their calorie content, making them an excellent choice for weight loss diets.

Apples – Apples are a low-glycemic food loaded with pectin. Apples also stave off hunger and cravings, and guard against sudden drops in the blood sugar level. They are also rich in fiber, and make an excellent weight-loss food.

Lemon – A small amount of lemon juice or vinegar taken with meals can help in weight loss. The acidic nature of lemon juice and vinegar has a slowing effect on stomach emptying, which in turn slows down the rate of starch digestion. Having lemon juice first thing in morning is also a great way to keep your blood sugar regulated.

Ice Water – It is a well-known fact that high water intake helps in dissolving fat and expelling away the toxins from the body, thereby assisting in weight loss. But having ice-cold water can burn even more calories, as the body needs to work harder to increase the temperature of the body and get it back to the normal  range.  However avoid drinking Ice Water with meals as it dilutes the digestive enzymes.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Apple Cider Vinegar is an excellent fat burner. Having 1-2 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar dissolved in water will allow excess fat deposits to gradually disappear, whether it’s in the form of love handles or double chin.

The right combination of Thermogenic foods and exercise can turn your body into a fat burning machine, and you will be able to achieve quick weight loss – without drugs, diet pills or rigorous weight loss regimes.


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