Surprise! How to Exercise at Home and Have Fun


Do you hate going to the gym, but feel guilty because you don’t exercise?

You’re not alone. Let’s face it, the gym isn’t for everyone. You have to arrange your schedule to get there, sometimes getting up extra early before work. You spend a hefty amount of money on memberships and trendy gym fashions, and then wait in line for machines.

If you are lucky enough to have found an exercise system that works for you, bravo! But if you are like many people who exercise sporadically, or not at all, consider a surprisingly fun and flexible way to workout at home – exercise videos!

Seven reasons exercise videos are fun and invigorating:
1. Great for lazy people. Do you hate getting dressed, driving to the gym in bad weather or when it’s dark outside, changing clothes, preparing shower gear, driving home…. It’s all just too much effort.

With exercise videos you save driving time and prep time. You exercise when you want to, early morning, afternoon, evening. The videos are right there, waiting for you according to your schedule.

2. Queen of your space. So you get to the gym, and you stand there waiting until a sweaty, grunting bodybuilder finishes another ten reps. You have to wipe down the equipment and then sit on it – yuck! With exercise videos, you control the smells, the temperature and the atmosphere.

3. World class instructors. The gym may offer fun classes, but some instructors are more motivating than others. With exercise videos, you can pick and choose from the world’s best fitness instructors, since most of them have videos.

4. Fun and motivating. Do you love to dance? Do you want to get your heart thumping and your muscles pumping? Do you love Zumba, weight lifting, circuit training, or Tai Chi? You can do any of these, and more, with exercise videos. Hundreds of videos are available from websites. Find a type of exercise you like, feel the music, and let an amazing instructor cheer you on.

5. Stress relief! After a long day at work, do you feel like flaking out on the couch? Instead, you can pop in an invigorating video and pump up your energy. Or you can relax with a stretching, Tai Chi or Chi Gong video to help you sleep at night.

It’s also relaxing to Zen out and listen to the instructor, instead of figuring out what to do next. Stress relief at its finest.

6. Saves money. Gym memberships can be expensive. You also need an exercise wardrobe. Trainers and some classes cost extra. Then you factor in the expense of gas or transportation to get to the gym, the snacks you buy, and perhaps babysitting or child care.

Exercise videos are cheap. Most are in the range of $9-$15. So even if you buy one a month, it’s probably a lot less money than all the expenses associated with going to the gym. You can wear any comfortable clothes, and save on a gym wardrobe.

And that’s not even counting the reduction in health-related problems you get from exercise!

7. Variety instead of boredom. Let’s face it, what’s more boring than lifting the same weights over and over again, or running like a hamster on a treadmill?

With exercise videos you never get bored. You can explore the newest and hottest techniques and instructors. When you lose motivation, just order one or two more, and become reinvigorated. At the low cost of about $10 each, you don’t have much to lose, and many sites allow you to preview the videos and even return them if you don’t like them. (You won’t get that benefit from an exercise class at the gym).

The beauty of exercise videos is you can have variety, fun, and top instructors for only a little outlay of cash and time. Try rotating a few into your routine when you can’t get to the gym. Or, if you’re a couch potato, this just may be the fun exercise system you can enjoy!

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