Get Yeast Under Control With The Candida Diet!

candida diet

If you have suffered from a systemic yeast overgrowth, know that while candida diet and supplements can help treat symptoms, they do not heal you. Emotional healing is necessary and will help the physical treatments be more effective and lasting.

Emotionally, candida is associated with feeling victimized and includes: helplessness, hopelessness, fear of responsibility, too much responsibility, overwhelming burden, suppressed rage, lack of confidence and betrayal. Often there are underlying and unconscious beliefs, such as: I am not good enough; no matter how hard I try I can’t get what I want; I’ve tried everything and nothing works; I can’t heal completely; I am not lovable, etc.; “Poor me”. This is the victim energy of candida talking.

As Louise Hay says, people with candida feel very scattered and have repressed anger that is expressed with frustration. They are demanding and untrusting in relationships and are not able to own their own power.

Candida is an emotional condition causing people to act out and create their own frustration. To heal this you need to grow stronger with your personal power. The emotional empowerment begins with your commitment to the diet and not giving your power away to the candida craving sugar.

If you remain powerless, you will look only to the doctor, naturopath, supplements, detox center, water fast and restricted diet to heal you. While these all can be helpful on a physical level, until you get to the mental and emotional root causes, you will not heal completely.

The first step towards true healing is knowing you’re not a victim. The emotional root of candida is — victimhood. Candida has protected you from repressed emotions such as guilt, shame and anger. Now it is time to work through them!

Healing candida is a journey of self-awareness and empowerment, setting boundaries, feeling and releasing repressed negative emotions and doing what you love without holding back or selling yourself short. Empowerment also is about learning to trust yourself and trust you will find the next truly effective step in your process. A great first step to empowerment is to stop complaining and blaming.

Through my own 100 percent dedicated and intensive 12-year journey working with many types of healers, I’ve learned the core thought and emotional patterns that are as much a part of candida as the yeast itself.

Candida is a gift. The root of candida isn’t what you are eating; candida is there because of what you aren’t feeling. It is there to show you what you need to take care of your emotional needs. It will stick around if you look outside of yourself for the answer and comfort.

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