Health and Fitness Apps: What to Look Out for in 2019

Each new year brings with it many new possibilities. As the world of gadgets and technology advances and evolves, so do our habits and lifestyles.

What’s certain is that in the year 2019, we’ll be seeing an increase in the use of apps and wearable gadgets for health and fitness purposes. Whether you’re tracking your food intake, water intake, sleep habits, steps per day, heart rate, or mental state, there’s an app out there for you.

This growing health trend is proving itself a convenient, inexpensive, and quick way to get into shape in our fast-track world. Even the busiest of people who can’t seem to find the time to hit a gym can have a full workout in 20 minutes, just a few swipes away.

If your New Year’s resolution includes becoming a healthier, fitter version of yourself in 2019, then you may want to get in on one of the biggest health trends yet—fitness apps and wearable tech. Look out for these 8 health and fitness apps and gadgets in 2019.

In 2019 we’ll be seeing an increase in the use of apps and wearable gadgets for health and fitness purposes.

1. Fitness Bracelets

It seems that everyone these days is walking around with a fitness tracker on their wrist. From Fitbit and Garmin to Xiaomi and Polar, you’re bound to find a fitness bracelet that you love. These babies can do just about everything, including tracking your steps, heart rate, quality of sleep, and calorie intake.

Download the app to your phone and track your friends’ progress as well.

These things can become quite addictive, but they’ll sure motivate you to get up and moving in between meetings, to take the stairs instead of the elevator, or to nix the taxi ride and walk on home.

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2. Fitness App: Couch to 5k

A fitness app for beginners looking to build up stamina steadily.

For beginners looking to build up stamina steadily and achieve a goal of running a 5k, this app has helped millions of people go from couch potatoes to distance runners in just 8 weeks. All it takes is 20 minutes three times a week, and you’ll be on track to a much healthier you.

Once you’re able to run that 5k easily, you can move on to the next step with the 5k to 10k app.

3. Workout App: Sworkit

Sworkit, which stands for “Simply Work It,” is an app that offers hundreds of different types of exercises in video form given by professional trainers. You can easily customize your workout according to type of exercise, level of difficulty, areas you want to target, how long you have to work out, and more. There’s even a specialized kids’ app for your little ones.

Workouts on the app include a combination of interval training and randomized exercises so that every session is highly effective and dynamic.

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4. Sleep Tracker App: Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Millions of people use this sleep tracking fitness app.

Sleep should be a top priority if you want to stay healthy and energized throughout the day—not to mention that lack of sleep is linked to weight gain.

The Sleep Cycle alarm clock analyzes your sleep and then adjusts your wake-up time based on the lightest phase so that you wake up feeling refreshed instead of groggy and tired.

The app uses sound analysis to identify which sleep state you are in according to your movements in bed. It uses a long wake-up phase to gently wake you up by your desired alarm time. Millions of people all over the world use this app and swear by it.

5. Nutrition App: MyFitnessPal

There’s a reason that people love this nutrition and fitness tracker—it’s easy to use, and it has consistently been ranked as a top fitness app as long as it’s been around.

You can track your calorie intake and exercise using MyFitnessPal and get tips on your optimal calorie intake to achieve your goal. With a database of over 5 million foods, a barcode nutrition scanner, and a recipe importer, your calorie tracking experience will be easier than ever before.

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6. Mental Health App: Headspace

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, and Headspace makes it easy to give your mind a little love. It helps you to practice mindfulness and meditation to relieve stress, boost focus, and improve sleep quality.

It’s one of the best self-help apps out there, and it truly helps you to conquer negativity in your life.

7. An App That Will Make You Happy: Happify

If you want 2019 to be a year filled with happiness and joy, Happify can help you get there. Using science-based strategies, Happify focuses on positive psychology to help you achieve well-being and overall satisfaction.

You can personalize the app by choosing a goal such as reducing stress, getting rid of negative thoughts, or working through relationship issues. Every day, the app will provide you with tasks and games designed to get you to where you want to be.

8. An App That Will Make You Calm: Calm

An app that boosts both mental and physical health.

It’s all in the name. Calm is an app that anyone can use to reduce anxiety and achieve a peaceful calmness. Through daily guided meditation, you’ll finally get to the place of clarity, joy, and peacefulness that you’ve been seeking.

Meditation is proven to boost both mental and physical health, so it’s definitely worth spending a few minutes a day to focus on mindful meditation.

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Our lives can be greatly improved with technology and artificial intelligence, but only if we use them correctly. Fitness apps and wearable technology have proven to be valuable tools in helping people to achieve their health goals over the past decade, and they will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.


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