Jennifer Lopez’s Inspiring Clean Eating Diet

clean eating diet

A clean eating diet and healthy lifestyle are what keep Jennifer Lopez looking as gorgeous as ever. This post from highlights Jennifer Lopez’s clean eating habits underlying her healthy body and glowing looks.

At 46, Jennifer Lopez is just as breathtaking now as she was during the Jenny from the Block days.

So what’s her secret? Lopez’s personal trainer, Tracy Anderson says it’s her unprocessed, veggie-heavy diet.

“It’s all organic and it’s all very well thought out, with the balance of very high quality proteins and a lot of nutrient-dense food,” Anderson recently told People.

Lopez’s day usually starts with a protein shake and some decaf coffee. For lunch she’ll dig into a veggie-heavy salad with fresh salmon and finish off with a dinner mixing grains — often quinoa — with lean protein.

“Everything is fresh,” says Anderson. “There’s nothing processed — just [protein powder] in a shake if we do a protein shake one day.”

Though she sticks to this healthy meal plan most of the time, Lopez sees nothing wrong with the occasional indulgence.

“We’re all human. I don’t think you should beat yourself up if you make a mistake or if you have a potato chip,” she told People last year. Two things she’ll never touch, however, are caffeine and alcohol.

She supplements her mindful eating with strength training workouts three to four times a week, and she always strives to get at least seven hours of quality sleep a night.

This wellness approach may not be as restrictive as Tom Brady and Gisele’s, but it’s clearly working for J. Lo. The mother of two is living proof of the benefits of skipping over those processed middle aisles of the supermarket and sticking with fresh, real food.

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