Find Out Why Brunch Is Considered to Be the Best Meal of the Day!

brunch best meal


It is a cold, yet beautiful day to sleep in as it is the weekend. You wake up late, maybe spend a few minutes in bed scrolling through social media to find out what is new in the past few hours. You decide not to spend the day at home, but to get together with your loved one or your friends or even take your mother out for the day. But what can you do? How do you feel about getting brunch? It is the perfect idea for a cold day, is it not? But then you think of all the doctors saying how you should not skip breakfast. Well, you do not have to worry after all, because brunch is considered the best meal of the day besides breakfast. Can you guess the explanation behind this statement? How about we make it easier for you and list a few reasons about brunch being the best meal of the day?

What is brunch?

For those of you who do not know, brunch is this perfect combination of breakfast and lunch. It is time to change things a bit and enjoy this satisfying combination of two meals. Brunch has been recommended as part the routine for people interested in losing weight. Since brunch combines two meals in one, you can see how you will decrease the amount of food you normally eat during the day. This is why brunch will beat all of those top diet pills! But keep in mind, just because brunch combines two meals into one, that does not mean you have the freedom to overeat. You always should keep in mind the dangers behind overeating.

Why is brunch considered to be the best meal of the day?

It is the perfect way to save money! Let’s skip the part about losing weight and staying healthy for a bit, and turn to the money savings that brunch offers you. By combining two meals into one, you can save a lot of money if you let brunch become a routine. And you do not have to worry about being unhealthy, since brunch is considered to be not only the best meal of the day, but the new breakfast as well!

It is probably the best excuse to sleep in late. If you want to spend your weekend mornings in bed resting, then this is the best chance you will get. You get to sleep in, arrange a gathering and have a healthy brunch as the perfect start to your day!

It is a great excuse to spend some time alone. You should not feel weird if you want to spend some time alone. And this is a great excuse for going into a quiet, nice restaurant and having brunch by yourself. Maybe even bring your favorite book and catch up on some reading!

You can get lost reading the menu! The food possibilities for brunch are endless, and nothing compares with the food choices for breakfast or lunch. This offers you the best from breakfast and lunch!

Brunch gives you a chance to drink mimosas and relax! You only can imagine the look the waiter would give you if you even tried ordering a mimosa to go with your omelet in the morning. But now that we have brunch, you can choose freely in the drinks section of the menu and not care about anyone’s opinion.

Early dessert! You will not feel guilty after having early dessert as a part of brunch.

It is a great opportunity to catch up with your friends, family or loved one in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere.

Brunch will provide the energy and stamina for the rest of the day. You can have a salad for dinner and you are set for the day. Just think of all of the calories you avoided!


We can go on and on explaining why brunch is the best meal of the day, but you probably can list a few reasons on your own as well. Brunch combines probably our two favorite meals of the day, breakfast and lunch, and adds a relaxed atmosphere, friends, family and good memories (and alcohol!) and offers all that up served on a nice plate at our favorite restaurant. And you should not feel guilty about breaking your diet, since you can choose from a lot of healthy brunch suggestions. 



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