Almond Milk Two Ways

Homemade almond milk has unbelievable flavor when compared to the boxed varieties. If you are on the fence about taking a few minutes to make your own fresh nut or seed milks at home check out all the benefits:

  • fresher, more creamy taste
  • you can flavor the milk any way you like (vanilla, cacao, fresh berries, or maca for a malted taste)
  • you have almond pulp left over (to use for raw, vegan desserts that will blow your mind!)
  • generate less waste with no milk cartons or boxes
  • hands on, connected feeling to your food
  • if you include kids, connected time in the kitchen with little ones
  • less waist

When you and your family make your own milk you will be happy to find that you won’t see half finished glasses of milk laying around the house. When you invest your time and energy to make the milk yourself, flavor it your way, and store it in glass containers you treat it more like a treat than a staple beverage. Here is a video how-to that shows the simple process of making your own almond milk.

2-6 cups filtered water (more water, thinner milk, less water more creamy)
4-6 dates (or a natural sweetener of your choice)
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup raw almonds soaked 8 hours or overnight , rinsed and drained

If you forget to soak your nuts, you can always use the “cheater version” of almond milk which uses raw almond butter.

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