5 Healthy and Filling Foods That You Need in Your Life

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Instead of reaching for refined carbs, snack on healthy yet filling foods. This post from MyDomaine profiles 5 foods that address your nutrient needs as well as hunger pains.

Sometimes, a pristinely healthy diet can leave something to be desired in terms of satisfaction; even an entrée-size salad topped with all the superfood add-ons can leave you feeling less than full. But rather than reaching for the refined carbs in a moment of desperation, consider filling up on any of the following five healthy foods, as hand-selected by Prevention. Packed with protein and fiber, they won’t leave you rushing to the fridge within an hour.

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The perfect addition to any salad, soup, or quinoa bowl, eggs are packed with over six grams of protein. Hard-boil them for a filling snack, or fry them up and add them to your next meal.


With just three calories, plenty of antioxidants, and a touch of fiber, asparagus is the perfect filling addition to any stir-fry or salad.


While all oatmeals aren’t created equal, an organic blend packed with fiber and superfoods will keep you full until lunch. Consider steel-cut oats for the most fiber.

Brussels Sprouts

With minimal calories and tons of fiber, Brussels sprouts are the perfect midafternoon snack or dinner side. Try them roasted and dipped in sriracha aioli.


As prevention points out, a half-cup of lentils has 10 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber, and just 120 calories. What’s more, they’re extremely hearty and perfect for make-ahead meals.

Source: 5 Extremely Healthy Foods That Will Actually Fill You Up | MyDomaine

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