3 Things The Keto Diet Has Successfully Debunked About Healthy Eating

3 Things the Keto Diet Has Successfully Debunked about Healthy Eating-min

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard about the ketogenic diet. Keto is a way of eating that eliminates most carbs from the diet and replaces them with high fat and moderate protein. The idea is that when starved of glucose, the body begins turning to fat as an energy source.

But isn’t fat bad for you? For many years the consensus was yes. But the study this idea was based on has long since proven to be problematic and may have actually had the opposite effect: the obesity crisis and increase in related diseases has been linked to sugar, not fat.

Many myths exist about this style of eating. Here are three that have debunked the way we think about healthy food.

1. All Fats Are Bad

Keto Diet All Fats Bad

Fat is actually fine. In fact, you can live your life on mostly fats and lose weight, reverse many health conditions, and improve your overall health. One common misconception is that you should go nuts on the saturated fats and eat a lot of meat and animal products. But this ups your protein and can cause issues such as gout. You are better off getting most fat from plant sources, such as olive oil, coconut oil, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, and olives.

2. There Is Only One Way to Diet

This one isn’t even close to true. When people find what works for them, they have a tendency to get excited and begin to expound on the wonders of their diet. I have done the same thing. It can come off as saying that everyone is the same and reacts to the same thing. But different diets work for different people and their body types and lifestyles—as proven by the fact that so many people have been able to lose weight eating butter.

3. Delicious Foods Are off the Menu When You’re Eating Healthy


You hear the term “diet” and your mind goes to bland food, disgusting shakes, and bars, deprivation…but that isn’t how it has to be. People on the ketogenic diet have found that their meals have gotten better, more satisfying, and more delicious since making the switch. It is all about making the right food choices for you and finding ways to enjoy your food with a few switches. For instance, love cheeseburgers? Swap out the bread for a lettuce leaf and nothing else needs to change.

Keto has changed so many lives and improved their health to boot. Is it right for you? Maybe it is time you gave it a try and found out for yourself.

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