Super Water: 10 Impressive Health Benefits of Maple Water

Maple Water – Could it be the bigger and better brother of Coconut water?

After lots of studies, claims, and hype, we take a look into the ins and outs of Maple Water and figure out whether it can stand up to it’s not-so-established reputation.

What is Maple Water?

Maple Water is a natural sap which is extracted from the Maple Tree between May and June of each year.

It originates from Northern China and ancient Eastern & Northern European tradition. Maple Water has blown up as one of the latest health “crazes” over in the UK.

We couldn’t ignore the sudden popularity from across the pond… so the research began!

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How is Maple Water made?

The sap runs on the inside of the trunk to provide nutrients for new leaves, it is at this point that the water is extracted. This is done using driving taps on the base of the trunk.

Nutritional Information:

You may be thinking is… “could Maple Water really be better than the popular coconut water?” Here’s a lowdown.

Coconut Water vs Maple Water

Nutritionists have compared the health benefits of Maple Water to Coconut Water and have concluded that they are very similar in regards to the water’s nutritional breakdown.

Both Maple and Coconut Water contain electrolytes, potassium and phytonutrients. The chemical that distinguishes Maple Water from Coconut Water is saponin which is the main chemical linked with maintaining healthy blood cholesterol levels – something that Coconut Water doesn’t contain.

The Best Way to Consume Maple Water

One of the ways chain stores and some brands improve the shelf life of Maple Water is by adding extra preservatives to the drink which can remove some of the nutritional value.

There are two ways to get the best quality maple water:

  1. Find an organic source that has no added preservatives
  2. Collect Maple Water for yourself!

We found some good maple water collection kits here.

Fun Fact: A perfume factory in Denmark used to buy 600 liters of Maple sap annually and Maple water used to be a common drink between peasants to aristocracy and the bourgeoisie; you can find recipes using Maple sap in old cookbooks. Maple Water is a natural ingredient that got lost in the new technologies of the world.

10 Powerful Health Benefits of Maple Water

1. Low Calorie and Linked with Weight Loss

There are only 5 calories per 100 ml of Maple Water. This is 8 times less than your typical Coconut Water! Typically in Coconut Water there are around 39 calories per 100ml – this is a notable difference! This small change in the day can enhance weight loss and doesn’t leave you any less nutrient-happy.

2. Hypertension and the Immune System

There have been studies to suggest that Maple Water assists the immune system and helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. This is because it contains flavonoids that are rich in antioxidants and this can flush out toxins and excess substances in the liver and kidneys. There are also links between the immune system and stress so if the immune system is controlled then stress levels also decrease. Another important chemical is saponin which lowers cholesterol by binding to bile acids and helps absorption and preventing the reabsorption. There are also claims to suggest that the Water helps issues related to the immune system such as diarrhea, constipation and kidney stones.

3. Reduces the Signs of Aging and Helps the Stimulation of Muscles// Helps your Hair!

Maple Water has also made claims to help the elderly in stimulating muscles and ligaments. Not only this but it also reduces the signs of aging – no more anti-aging creams needed! It is a natural moisturizer that can also be applied as a skin cream.

Not only this, but Maple water can strengthen hair roots and prevent dandruff and even hair loss because when used as a shampoo, hair roots will grow back moisturized and healthy.

4. It is 100% safe

It has been proven that medicinally, there are little to no side effects to having Maple Water as a substitute of coconut water. It is, in fact, better for you to have Maple Water.

5. Works miraculously on skin conditions

Recent studies have shown that acne and eczema has been improved by using Maple sap as a moisturizer and even consuming the liquid has many health benefits. Maple Water can replenish the skin cells and improves the texture of skin. It can also help consequences caused by inflammation. Previously, Germans used Maple leaves to treat skin diseases and wounds because it transported excess water from tissues.

6. Decreases Cavities

By consuming Maple Water, there has been links with benefits with oral health. Xylitol has been proven to prevent cavities and is used as a sugar-substitute because it is more natural.

7. Helps Arthritis and Osteoarthritis

Due to Maple Water having anti-inflammatory and diuretic qualities, it can be used for treatment of Arthritis and Osteoarthritis.

8. Cystitis

Maple Water is useful for combating inflammation of the bladder and can be infused and mixed with any drink.

9. Tonsils/Sore Throat/Mouth Ulcers

The application of Maple Water also helps to disinfect and promote healing in all of these issues. Maple Water is an antiseptic so it can be used for the treatment of angina and can sanitize wounds.

 10. Rheumatic Pains

Maple Water is an effective anti-neuralgic substance that can be used to reduce pain and smelling that comes with arthritis.


One of the most common misconceptions is that by drinking Maple Water, you will miraculously lose 2 stone and your skin will be completely cured of acne as well as benefiting from the other benefits. It is a slow process and Maple Water (like any foods) should be taken in moderate amounts and not excessively.

There are, of course, external variables that also cause skin problems such as acne. Each person is different, if you eat fast-food for every meal and have 100ml of fresh Maple Water then this won’t cause a miraculous weight loss!

Maple Water is merely an aid to preventing problems, not a full cure to many of these health problems – even though it does have many health benefits. It may not completely cure hair loss but will undoubtedly prevent it from happening as much as possible and may not completely cure cystitis but again will definitely help the course of recovery.

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