Vitamins May Reduce Risk of Metabolic Syndrome

Running low on vitamin C[1] and vitamin E[2] may raise your risk of metabolic syndrome[3], according to a new study[4] from the journal Public Health Nutrition. Known to up your chances of developing diabetes[5] and heart disease[6], metabolic syndrome is marked by a cluster of conditions (including high blood pressure[7], high blood sugar levels, high cholesterol[8], and excess belly fat).

For the study, researchers looked at the link between metabolic syndrome and intake of specific nutrients (including folate, zinc, and vitamins C, B12, and E) among 225 women and 127 men age 65 and older (all of whom lived in low-income neighborhoods in Ecuador). Results revealed a strong relationship between increased risk of metabolic syndrome and low blood levels of vitamins E and C.

The researchers also found that participants with metabolic syndrome were more likely to show elevated levels of C-reactive protein, a marker of inflammation[9].

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