Top 10 Ways To Stop Nail Biting Fast

nail hand In the last post[1] we read about the causes and ill effects of nail biting. If, like many others, you are tired of having painful nail stubs, feeling embarrassed in the presence of people and stress[2] out because of this habit then this post is what you need. In this post we will share some very simple ways to kick this habit and enjoy shiny long nails.

Steps to kick this habit:

1. Accept and confront this habit:
Take a picture of your bitten nails and look at the picture for few minutes. Make a list of why you want to kick this habit and hang it on your bathroom mirror along with the picture of your nails. You will feel so disgusted by looking at your nails that you will be better motivated to kick this habit.

2. Visualization:
Imagine that you have long healthy nails and how good you will look with them. If you are a female then go ahead and buy couple of your favorite nail paint. Every day you will be tempted to put on that nail paint which will keep you motivated to increase the length of your nails.

3. Calcium and magnesium
More calcium and magnesium in your diet will help you grow your nails and repair them as well. Sometimes the body urges the person to bite nails to meet the calcium and magnesium requirement. The deficiency of calcium is one reason people bite their nails.

4. Keep your mouth busy:
Keep your mouth distracted. Keep carrot sticks handy and munch on them whenever you feel like biting your nails. Chewing gum also helps keep your mouth busy.

5. Keep your nails trimmed:
Keep a nail cutter with you at all times. Cut your nails whenever you see any additional growth. You cannot bite if you have no excess nail growth.

6. Find another habit:
Find a habit to replace your nail biting habit. Whenever you feel like biting your nails start drumming with your fingers or knitting. Just make sure that your new habit is health friendly.

7. Use Bitrex:
Bitrex is a chemical product available at your local chemist. Bitrex makes the products taste foul but is not toxic. It is added to some common household items to make them unappealing. You can carry bitrex at all hours. Apply this awful tasting chemical on your nails in small quantity three to four times in a day.

8. Cover your nails:
If you are female then get artificial nails to avoid nibbling on your nails. If you are male keep gloves handy and wear them whenever you start feeling the need to nibble on your nails.

9. Take care of your nails:
Get regular manicure. Manicures nails look great and you feel find it harder to bite them. Use petroleum jelly and hand creams to massage your nails, the shiny and healthy looking nails will be hard to bite. Investing in some good hand creams will help you in kicking this habit.

10. Apply transparent nail polish
If you apply a coat of transparent nail polish then you will find it harder to bite your nails because No 1 the taste of the nail paint is not really appealing and No 2 the transparent nail polish will make your nail shiny and you will not be excited to bite into the great looking nail of yours.


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