Top 10 Antioxidant Foods

We hear lots of talk about antioxidants and health, but do you really understand what they are and how they work?

We think you should.

Antioxidants are vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals  and other natural compounds that protect us from the harmful free radicals. These free radicals lead to DNA mutation which in turn causes disease and aging.

Here’s the important bit:
All antioxidants are NOT created equal so knowing the best food sources is vitally important.

In this podcast Shawn Stevenson examines antioxidants and the top 10 food sources.

You’ll find that MOST so called experts are NOT including these in their list of top antioxidant foods!

When you listen to the podcast below you’ll discover:

  • What EXACTLY are antioxidants
  • What is Oxidative Stress?
  • The little known secret about antioxidants.
  • The 10 most effective antioxidant foods.

Click play below to listen to the podcast… 

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