Sugar Or Salt Scrub?

(BeWellBuzz) These days, scrubs have gained a lot of popularity amongst people, especially females who are striving to keep their skin young and glowing. Unfortunately, the changing global environment and increasing pollution have made our skin vulnerable to acne and other skin problems. While there are many cosmetic brands featuring chemical based products for glowing skin, the best way to keep your skin health is to use all natural products. This is why a lot of people have switched to using organic and natural skin products.

Using Natural Scrubs Is Good For Your Skin

It has been found that natural scrubs can help you rejuvenate your skin. Natural scrubs are made of only natural ingredients such as sugar and salt. Both salt and sugar scrubs have their advantages and yield good results for different skin types. The use of the different types of natural scrubs mainly depends on the type of skin.

Sugar Scrubs – Are They For You?

Sugar scrubs are great for exfoliating the skin on the day-to-day basis. It is good for those people who are constantly exposed to the harsh environment, making their skin dry and age quickly. Sugar scrubs are natural and safe for use. They not only help in cleansing the skin but also improve skin health by hydrating and rejuvenating it to get a glowing look.

Sugar scrubs are best suited for sensitive skin. In fact, brown sugar scrub is used for the treatment of cellulites, and can actually help you get rid of those stretch marks.

Here, are some amazing benefits of sugar scrubs:

  • Sugar scrubs contain alpha-hydroxyl that gives skin a natural glow. They are gentle on skin with no side effects at all.
  • Sugar scrubs are wonderful hydrating agents; they hydrate your skin without unclogging pores. They get absorbed completely by the skin in 5 minutes.
  • Sugar scrubs can also prove to be useful for the treatment of skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis.
  • Sugar scrubs can be used by men as a soothing scrub after shaving; they can also be used to hydrate chapped dry hands by men.
  • Sugar scrubs can be used by the entire family, even children. They are usually mild in nature and suitable for all skin types, especially dry to very dry.

Salt Scrubs – Are They Suitable For Your Skin Type?

Beautiful skin is everyone’s dream, but not many of us are blessed with good skin. Many women spend long hours and a huge amount of money in a beauty salons without guaranteed beautiful skin.

Nature has the answer to all our skin problems. Salt scrub is good for all those who want naturally glowing skin.  Sea salt and Epsom salt are the most commonly used ingredients in the beauty industry, and they can actually work wonders on skin. Many internationally acclaimed companies are using these two as the main ingredients in their beauty products. Both of these salts are found in the Dead Sea, and are great for exfoliating the skin. They help in reducing dirt and oil from the skin, and can also remove dead cells to a great extent.

Here, are some of the benefits of using salt scrubs:

  • According to a research conducted in Oklahoma State University, dead skin if left for a long time, can become hard and difficult to remove. This can make the face look dull and gloomy. Salt scrubs help in removing dead skin, which cannot be removed by the help of a face wash or soap.
  • Salt scrubs from Dead Sea contain eight different minerals, which have been proven to work for all skin types. They help in regenerating new cells making the skin look firmer and younger.
  • Salt scrubs can also be used as antiseptic. According to a research published in Science Tribune, salt scrubs help in killing bacterial disease and reducing inflammation.
  • Acne is a major problem that is being faced by many teenagers these days. Salt scrubs have been found to help decrease acne. When applied in a circular motion on the face, salt scrub can remove dirt and oil that is a major cause of acne.

How To Use Scrubs?

Scrubs yield best results when used in the right manner. The best way to apply a scrub is – when you are taking a shower. After you have cleaned your body and face, apply a hand full of scrub and massage well in a circular motion. Do not forget to rub gently at areas like knee and ankle. Wash off with water and all the dead skin and impurities will be removed, leaving your skin healthy and hydrated.

Sugar and salt scrubs have numerous advantages and are found suitable for most skin types. Since salt scrubs are a bit harsh in nature, they are suitable for normal to oily skin. On the other hand, sugar scrubs are mild and have moisturizing properties, which is best suited for dry skin types. The best part is – both of these scrubs are made of natural ingredients and are risk-free.

So, quit using chemical skin products and switch to sugar and salt scrubs, if you don’t wish to spend hours in the salon and yet want your skin to look beautiful!


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