Why You Need To Stop Working Out Immediately

Having personally trained clients for the last 8 years, I’ve seen the vicissitudes of goal setting and body composition on all ends of the spectrum. I assisted clients with establishing their goals, analyzing the key metrics, and even going above the service promise with unconventional practices like raiding their fridge and actually giving them their workout program (something most trainers are afraid to do). But, for some reason, as soon as I was transferred or promoted they detrained their results and ended up back at squareone. I knew how important accountability was, but I knew I had to solve the autonomy problem. How could I get them to manage their own success?

As a leader, I’ve always sought out talent that embodies the traits of a successful individual. Strong intrinsic motivation, passion for challenge, and an unrelenting desire to win. These were qualities I incessantly pursued in candidates. Of course, through years of trial and error I finally had that quintessential facetopalm epiphany. Why wasn’t I seeking and developing these traits in my clients? Well, frankly, it isn’t quite that simple. Finding traits in someone is much easier than developing them from scratch. Secondly, I didn’t have a distinct plan of what such a process would look like.

But then, somehow, I began developing a protocol. Almost unknowingly, I was refining the way I coached my clients which seemed to be working like a charm. This process manifested from straight experimentation and was initially indescribable, and definitely irreplicable. After watching a YouTube interview with the Wolf of Wall Street’s Jordan Belfort, the process elucidated. If you eat the meat and spit out the bones, the content of this interview has it’s merits. Primarily, there were 5 key elements to success that I was using with my clients and didn’t even know it:


Everyone has goals, but few actually achieve them because goals are tenuous at best. People don’t stick to their goals, but with the right system they will stick to their vision like a buoy in the water. The vision has to be more than just an arbitrary number on the scale, it needs to be about how your life will be different. What will you look like? How will your work improve? What value will you add to your relationships? These are the imminent parts of an adequate vision. I had clients create pin boards with Pinterest and Mind Movies, and viewed them daily, to reinforce and crystallize their visions.

Limiting Beliefs

So many of us are preprogrammed with limiting beliefs, it’s no wonder that they manifest as self-fulfilling prophecies. Believe in the improbable and the Law of Attraction will create the universal affinity you need to reach your vision. Write down what your specific limiting beliefs are, then rewrite them without the limitations.

Controlling State of Mind

Intemperance is not the trait of a champion. If you’re going to conquer your dreams and aspirations, you must first train yourself to remain focused and objective no matter what adversity you may face. It’s inevitable that times, people, and circumstances will try to cloud your judgement, but with a resilient state of mind nothing will stop you from succeeding.


Your vision, beliefs, and temperance are worthless if you don’t have robust strategies. After you’ve determined what you want to achieve, create a real plan of exact HOW you will achieve it. Use tools like Mind Meister, WhiteyBoard, or your oldschool Trapper Keeper to map out your plan of attack. Standards Chances are your personal standards have been too low. You’re not going to achieve anything interesting without raising the bar. Expect more from yourself and never get complacent. Zappos.com CEO, Tony Hsieh, asserts: “Whatever you’re thinking, think bigger.” After you’ve ironed out the details for the above 5 elements, you should resume your training and nutrition program full force. But this time, with a quantum leap in probability for success.

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