Shatavari – Female Fertility Herb

Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) in Sanskrit means “she who possesses a hundred husbands”. It is one of the most powerful rejuvenating herbs in Ayurvedic medicine, and is commonly used in India for conditions affecting the female reproductive system, including the mood swings and irritation associated with premenstrual syndrome, as well as menopausal hot flashes.

Shatavari is a climbing shrub that grows to a height of between one and three meters. The part used for medicinal purposes is its roots. With the main constituents like saponins, alkaloids, proteins, quercitin, rutin and hyperoside, an isoflavone and tannins, Shatavari supports female hormonal balance, fertility and vitality. Aptly called the Indian Asparagusthis herb is not only a rejuvenative for the female but also is a cleanser, antispasmodic, tonic, antacid, diuretic and more.

Medicinal Uses of Shatavari for Women

Shatavari contains phyto estrogens, the precursors of estrogen and, thus is a herb dear to women.

  • It nourishes the female reproductive system
  • Plays an important role in balancing the hormones.
  • Is beneficial in Hirsutism.
  • Treats leucorrhea
  • Increases the libido
  • Regulates PMS related symptoms like bloating, cramps, fluid retention and so on
  • Tones the breast muscles and the uterus
  • Controls blood loss during menstruation and regulates ovulation
  • Prepares the womb for conception and reduced the chance of miscarriage
  • Being a galactagogue, it promotes lactation in women
  • In menopausal women, it relieves of hot flashes and other problems

Common Medicinal Uses of Shatavari

  • A natural coolant, it regulates Pitta Dosha.
  • Counteracts the negative effects of stress.
  • Also helps as an anti aging herb and an immuno booster.
  • It can help to increase the White Blood Cell count.

Side Effects

  • Shatavari is notorious for weight gain.
  • Some may have allergic reaction to this herb.
  • Shatavari is not ideal for those with medical conditions like kidney or heart disease.
  • Women with estrogen induced conditions should not use Shatavari.

Warning: Do not use the herb without medical approval.


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