The Science of Miracles

(BeWellBuzz) Do you believe in miracles?

Most people don’t because a miracle by definition is an event that violates a law of nature. But what if science showed us that a power or force outside of our understanding can bend the laws we commonly hold as true.

If the phrase “Science of Miracles” seems like an oxymoron to you, then you have never met Mahendra Trivedi.  He has been routinely creating what most people would call miracles for the past 16 years. To date, more than 4000 international scientific studies have verified his ability to create positive change in the structure and characteristics of humans, animals, microbes, plants and even non-living materials.

Tens of thousands of people throughout the world have reported vastly improved overall health and well being including relief from chronic pain, debilitating diseases, emotional and psychological disorders and food and environmental sensitivities from the energy transmissions of Mahendra Trivedi also known as the Trivedi Effect†®.

Thousands more have reported that Mr. Trivedi’s transmissions transformed their finances and relationships.

But experiences were not enough for Mr. Trivedi’s scientific mind.   He reasoned, “If this Energy that transmits through my thoughts is truly transformational and not just the result of the “placebo effect” then it should also be able to transform all living organisms and even metals, ceramics, water and other non living materials.”

So starting in 2001 he embarked on a mission to demonstrate and study the effects of these energy transmissions.

His ability to transform living organisms and non-living matter has now been measured, validated and documented with the help of some or the most sophisticated technologies available on the planet.  The results continue to astound the scientific community.

Thousands of scientific studies experiments conducted at top research institutes throughout the world have been conducted to date resulting in several publications in leading international peer reviewed journals. (

The results of  these experiments have shown that Mr. Trivedi’ Energy Transmissions have:

  • Increased the yield of crops up to 500% and their immunity by up to 600% with no chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides.
  • Produced high quality food products free from pesticides and hormones
  • Killed cancer cells while sustaining healthy cells in rigorous U.S. based laboratory experiments
  • Reduced the viral load of HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C by up to 99.8 in vitro
  • Changed the structure of the atom in metals and other non living                         materials to improve their usefulness and functionality.”

Current US based studies are now demonstrating that the Trivedi Effect® can  improve one’s self-healing ability and immunity.  It also demonstrated encouraging abilities to slow down the aging process.

Mr. Trivedi often observes tht, “A miracle is simply a phenomena that science can not yet explain. Just as Benjamin Franklin harnessed the phenomena of lightening to make electricity available so that we can now live lives that would be thought in the time of Benjamin Franklin to be “miraculous” it is through science that the miraculous phenomena of the Trivedi Effect® can be harnessed and understood to better all of humankind

He is now spending much of his time improving the quality and abundance of the food supply as he works in agriculture and livestock with remarkable results.

Mr. Trivedi invites scientists to study the Trivedi Effect® and further confirm how these apparent “miracles” can be applied to benefit the planet and optimize human potential.  On his site you can find 100’s of testimonials of people touched by his power.

Mahendra Trivedi will conduct a free webcast entitled “Miracles Do Happen” on Thursday, November 15th where he will show some of the astounding results of the more than 4000 studies conducted on the Trivedi Effect® and explain their significance to the advancement of the health and well being of the planet.  He will also show participants how they can directly benefit from the Trivedi Effect®.

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