Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The total set of greenhouse gas emissions brought about by an event, a person, or an organization is collectively called as carbon footprint. The atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide, the major greenhouse gas directly affected by human activities, has increased by about 30% since the beginning of the pre- industrial era around 1750.

Human-induced climate change is an important new stress, particularly on ecological and socio-economic systems that are already affected by pollution, increasing resource demands, and non-sustainable management practices.

Since carbon footprint is so detrimental to the environment and to everybody’s health, here are some ways to reduce its incidence:

 1. The Three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

The conventional three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle are very essential in combating carbon footprint. One effective method is to exert effort on cutting down your purchase of things that you already have. Fixing things that can still be fixed instead of buying new is also very helpful.

 2. Pay attention to packaging.

It is also wise to pay attention with the packaging when you go out to buy some goods. For instance, you may take with you reusable bags when you go to grocery stores to cut down the use of plastic bags to a minimum. If you have cloth tote-style bags, that would be the best thing to bring along with you while shopping.

 3. Avoid using bottled water

It is an inevitable reality that bottled water has huge carbon footprint because it is marketed all over the world. To prevent yourself from buying bottled water, try purchasing a reusable water container. You will not just save money but most importantly you could contribute to the preservation of Mother Earth for the future generations.

 4. Window shop.

If you feel the urge to go on a shopping spree, try to make a list of the things you plan to buy and identify which among these things you need the most. Window shopping and browsing beforehand is also important in helping you decipher the things that you really need. Let us all be wise and conscious consumers so that we could help lower down our nation’s overall carbon footprint.

 5. Take a direct flight.

If you are traveling, it is advisable to take a direct flight if possible because by taking a direct flight, you can greatly reduce the incidence of expanding the extent and coverage of carbon footprint. Aside from the fact that it can reduce carbon footprint, it can also liberate you from the hassle of hoping from one plane to another.

 6. Purchase organic and local

It is possible if you purchase only organic or “fair trade” items. Organic foods are grown in an eco-friendly environment and are locally grown hence, it don’t have to travel that far and would lessen the extent of carbon footprint. Eating on restaurants that serves palatable locally produced or seasonal foods is also of big help.

With these measures employed, we can help preserve the beauty and resources of our planet. Let us all work hand in hand in this advocacy because at the end of the day, it is us who will benefit and will reap the good fruits of the collaborative effort we will be exerting.


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